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Sullivan: Voters Have Repealed the Constitution and Replaced It with Fascism


“When fascism comes to America,” the saying goes, “it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

Writing on November 3, 2016, five days before the presidential election, Andrew Sullivan made a convincing case that Donald Trump is the fascist who has come onto the scene wrapped in that flag and carrying that cross:

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Poetic Justice

High Election Anxiety 2016

We have arrived at a critical junction,
So it’s no time for a democracy malfunction.
However, in all frankness,
This campaign has left us anxious,
And now we’re worried about electile dysfunction.

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What Does Surprise Winner in Bloomberg News Poll Portend for 2020?

The winner of the latest Bloomberg News poll
The winner of the latest Bloomberg News poll

The results of a new Bloomberg News poll in Florida show the winner is…Michelle Obama!

The First Lady’s net favorability score — 57 — was higher than the other ten people in the poll, all of whom are, were, or want to be, elected officials.

Here are the actual numbers, from lowest net favorables to highest:

Patrick Murphy, candidate for the Florida U.S. Senate seat currently held by Marco Rubio — 38
Tim Kaine, Democratic VP nomineeand Virginia senator — 39
Hillary Clinton — 44
Donald Trump — 46
Rick Scott, Florida governor — 47
Bill Clinton, former president — 47
Marco Rubio, Florida senator — 50
Mike Pence, Republican VP nominee and Indiana governor — 51
Barack Obama, president — 51
Joe Biden, vice president — 54

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Vox: Hillary Clinton’s Debate Strategy Left Trump Campaign in Ruins

Ezra Klein at Vox offers a brilliant analysis of Hillary Clinton’s unique and extremely effective strategy of using Donald Trump’s personal weaknesses to bait him during the presidential debates.

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Clinton Characterizes Trump’s Election Stance as ‘Horrifying’

It was horrifying what he said on the debate stage tonight. Our country has been around for 240 years and we are a country based on laws and we’ve had not contested elections going back to the very beginning. But one of our hallmarks has always been we accept the outcome of our elections.

— Hillary Clinton, on her plane after last night’s debate.


Clinton Gains Double-Digit Lead Nationally

11 points

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 11 points nationally, 46% to 35%, with Gary Johnson at 9%. The poll was taken after the video of Trump making lewd comments was disclosed but before last night’s debate. In the generic congressional ballot, Democrats lead Republicans, 49% to 42%.


Most Voters Say Trump Should Stay in the Race


Of voters thinkDonald Trump should not end his presidential campaign, while just 39% of voters think he should drop out, a new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds. But voters are largely viewing Trump’s comments through their own partisan lens: 70% of Democrats say Trump should end his campaign, but just 12% of Republicans — and 13% of female Republicans — agree. In an election match up, Hillary Clinton leads Trump by just four points, 42% to 38%, with Gary Johnson at 8%.


Carville: Never Seen a Debate with This Much at Stake

I’ve never seen a candidate walk into a debate with this much at stake. He’s overweight, he’s old, he’s tired and he’s crabby. And he’s going to have a very long hour and a half.

— James Carville, quoted by the Washington Post.


Trump Is Done

This entire campaign has been an exercise of the electorate being slowly simmered in a pot of boiling water, losing our sense of outrage amid a steady of onslaught insults and lies. But sex and cruelty resonates in a way that financial scandals or demagoguery just don’t. … Character is what you do when nobody’s looking. And this video captures Trump in the middle of day, sober, a few months after being married, talking with a man he barely knows, bragging about sexual assault, while wearing a microphone.

John Avlon


Trump: King and Destroyer of the Old Boys’ Network

Bush and Trump on that bus are, in so many ways, the apotheosis of what so many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are ready to overturn: the musty sleaziness that went out of style in the 1970s; the old bosses who want their secretaries pretty; the cigar-chomping power brokers who think sexual harassment is the woman’s problem; the drooling dimwits who have gotten further than they should have on connections and male privilege. The bus is the old boys’ club that women rarely get to see inside — but it may also turn out to be the wrecking ball that takes down the club for good.

— A must-read piece from Susan Dominus.