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Trump Gives $10 Million to His Campaign

$10 million

“Donald Trump, seeking to boost momentum in the last days of the presidential election, wired $10 million of his own money into his presidential campaign Friday morning,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “The cash infusion will be used to buy $25 million in new TV advertising in key battleground states. … Mr. Trump’s latest donation to his cause still falls $34 million short of the $100 million he has repeatedly said he will give to his campaign—a pledge he reiterated as recently as Wednesday.”


Trump’s Such a Great Boss …


Estimated number of people employed at Donald Trump’s companies. Only a dozen have contributed more than $200 to his campaign, reports Reuters.


Clinton Raised $154 Million in September

$154 million

Amount Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised in September, marking its best fundraising month, Politico reports.


Trump an Old Hand at Pay-to-Play Politics in New York

In the 1980s, Mr. Trump was compelled to testify under oath before New York State officials after he directed tens of thousands of dollars to the president of the New York City Council through myriad subsidiary companies to evade contribution limits. In the 1990s, the Federal Election Commission fined Mr. Trump for exceeding the annual limit on campaign contributions by $47,050, the largest violation in a single year. And in 2000, the New York State lobbying commission imposed a $250,000 fine for Mr. Trump’s failing to disclose the full extent of his lobbying of state legislators.

New York Times


Mega-Donor Steyer Spending Big on 2016 Elections

I’m scared to look. You can quote me on that.

— Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer, quoted by the Palm Springs Desert Sun, when asked how much he’ll spend on elections this year.


Only 11% of Boehner’s Campaign Money is Donated in Ohio


Of House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) campaign contributions come from outside of his home state of Ohio, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


Super Donor Avoids Meeting ‘Disappointing’ Candidates and Politicians

I go out of my way to avoid meeting candidates and politicians. All too often, these people are so disappointing that it’s depressing. Most of these people you meet, they’re unemployable…. It’s just easier not to know.

— GOP super donor John Jordan, quoted by National Journal.


Campaign Funds Sources Getting Harder to Identify

$336 million

Spending by “dark money” groups — organizations that do not have to disclose the sources of their political money — in 2012, according to Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service data. Dark money has skyrocketed from about $25 million in 2000.


The Dead Can’t Vote, But They Can Contribute


The number of people listed on federal campaign records as “deceased” who nonetheless have contributed more than $586,000 to congressional and presidential candidates and political parties since Jan. 1, 2009, according to USA Today.


Obama is the First Billion-Dollar Politician

$1 billion+

Amount President Obama has received in donations during his political career to become the first political $1 billion man, according to The Daily Caller. “His total take reached $1,017,892,305 in April, some nine years after he began his 2004 race for the Senate. Obama is widely expected to raise at least $300 million more before November.”