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Clinton Spent $1.2 Billion on Campaign

$1.2 billion

Amount Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent on her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, the New York Post reports.


Trump Campaign Supports Trump Brands

$7.7 million

Amount Donald Trump’s campaign has spent through July on Trump-branded products, including reimbursements to Trump-named surrogates, the Washington Post reports.


Drop in Campaign Spending Hurting Local Broadcasters


Amount television campaign advertising during the U.S. presidential election has fallen since 2012, a troubling sign for local TV broadcasters that were counting on a windfall, reports Bloomberg.


Trump Spends More on Jet Fuel than Staff

$3 million

Amount Donald Trump has spent during his campaign on fuel for his Boeing 757 — more than he’s spent on staff and consultants — so that he can sleep at home in New York or Florida while on the campaign trail, reports National Journal.


Jeb Bush Loaned His Campaign $407,000 in Final Days


Amount former Florida governor Jeb Bush loaned or gave his campaign as it struggled to pay its bills in the last weeks of his flagging presidential bid, the Washington Post reports. “New Federal Election Commission filings show that Bush’s campaign spent $3.6 million last month before he dropped out Feb. 20 — raising just $1.18 million in the same period. A large share of the money came from the candidate himself, who gave his campaign $56,983.50 on Feb. 1. The next day, he loaned the campaign $250,000. And on Feb. 16, four days before the South Carolina primary, he gave an additional $100,000.”


Outside Groups Start Spending to Stop Trump

$10 million

Amount outside groups are moving to deploy “in new attack ads across Florida and millions more in Illinois, casting Mr. Trump as a liberal, a huckster and a draft dodger. Mr. Trump’s reed-thin organization appears to be catching up with him, suggesting he could be at a disadvantage if he is forced into a protracted slog for delegates,” the New York Times reports. Politico: “The goal, according to people familiar with the effort, has been to assemble as much as $25 million to spend against the New York businessman before March 15.”


Ben Carson Raised More than His Opponents and Blew It on Consultants

$58 million

Amount Ben Carson’s failed presidential campaign raised — more than any other GOP contender. “But Carson’s campaign burned through much more of that money on fundraising and consultants than on mass media advertising, on-the-ground employees and other things that could have swayed voters. … Ben Carson ran for president, and his consultants won,” the AP reports.


Why Trump Doesn’t Need to Spend Money on TV Ads

$1 million

Amount Optimus calculates the air time for Donald Trump’s Monday press conference received from cable news networks was worth in paid media.


Trump Spent More on Hats than Consultants


Amount Donald Trump spent last quarter on his iconic hats bearing the campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” “That’s more money than the campaign paid its data vendor L2 (which received $235,000 for “research consulting”) or than it spent on strategy consulting ($281,000). It’s almost as much as the campaign spent on field consulting ($551,000) or payroll ($518,000). Trump’s campaign did spend $793,000 on expenses related to the mega-rallies that have become his campaign’s hallmarks, as well as $459,000 on expenses related to having his name appear on primary election ballots,” according to Ken Vogel in Politico.


Koch Brothers Well on Their Way to Spending $1 Billion in 2016 Election Cycle

$400 million

Amount the Koch brothers’ donor network spent last year, and is well on its way to spending an unprecedented $889 million supporting right-wing politics and causes during the 2016 cycle, The Hill reports.