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Majority Find Mainstream News Sources to Be Credible


Of respondents to a Morning Consult poll found ABC, CBS and NBC to be credible news sources, while less than 1 in 5 found Breitbart or Fox News to be credible. Interesting finding: Thirty-one percent said they see fake news stories in their social media feeds more than once a day, and 55 percent said they have started reading a story only to realize it was fake.


What’s Good for CBS Isn’t Good for America

It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.

— CBS executive chairman Leslie Moonves, quoted by the Hollywood Reporter, on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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Misinformer of the Year: CBS News

In 2013, CBS News, once the home of giants in journalism like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Conkrite, was caught deliberately misinforming its viewers about a series stories in the news — the Benghazi attacks, the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and the NSA. For these other Fox News-worthy exercises in propagandizing for the right wing, Media Matters has named CBS News its 2013 Misinformer of the Year:

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