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Christie Bitter Over Not Being Chosen for Veep

We don’t need another big mouth from Congress … What Donald needed was a partner who governed.

— Gov. Chris Christie (R), quoted by the Washington Post, apparently still very bitter about not being picked as Donald Trump’s running mate.


Amazingly, Chris Christie Hits a New Approval Low


Of New Jersey voters have a favorable opinion of Gov. Chris Christie (R), while 64% are unfavorable towards him, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

Poetic Justice

Even Springsteen Hates Him

If anyone ever set out to make a state pissed, he
Did it better than anyone ever did to New Jersey.
Jerseyites disliked him on the stump,
But now they loath his suck-up to Trump.
Maybe D.C. is a safer place than Bayonne for Chris Christie.


N.J. Newspapers Call for Christie’s Resignation


Number of New Jersey newspapers that “issued a joint editorial Tuesday calling on Gov. Chris Christie to resign in the wake of his failed presidential campaign and his subsequent endorsement of rival Donald Trump,” reports USA Today.


Murdoch Characterizes Christies as a ‘Suicide Bomber’

Chris Christie, suicide bomber. Damages victim while blowing himself up!

— Rupert Murdoch, on Twitter after the governor finished sixth in the New Hampshire primary.


Christie Characterizes Rubio as ‘Boy in the Bubble’

Maybe he’ll do more than 40 minutes on a little stage telling everybody his canned speech that he’s memorized… Let’s get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble.

— Gov. Chris Christie, quoted by the Washington Post, blasting Marco Rubio’s tightly-controlled campaign appearances.


Christie: Rubio’s Inexperience Shows as Cowardice

I think that’s just a sign of his inexperience and if he can’t look me in the eye, he’s not going to be able to look Hillary Clinton in the eye, he’s certainly not going to be able to look Vladimir Putin in the eye.

— Gov. Chris Christie, telling Time that the most significant moment of the recent Republican debate came after Marco Rubio “couldn’t look at me in the eye” when the New Jersey governor was responding to an attack.


Christie Goes Snarky on Rubio

The truant officer is out looking for him.

— Gov. Chris Christie, quoted by Politico, on the missed votes in the U.S. Senate by Sen. Marco Rubio.


Christie Spent Almost Three-Quarters of 2015 Away from New Jersey


Number of partial or full days Gov. Chris Christie spent traveling outside of New Jersey in 2015, or 72% of the year, the Wall Street Journal reports.


Paul Says Christie Should Resign Governorship

He may not even be a resident, never mind governor.

— Sen. Rand Paul, saying that Gov. Chris Christie should resign his office “because he has spent more than 200 days outside his state yet is campaigning for president based on his experience as a governor,” Politico reports.