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CNN’s Ana Navarro Files Her Nails While Trumpbot Rants

Finally, a Republican we can like.

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Facts Matter


Journalist Sees Spicer as ‘Useless’

“So the White House press secretary is getting to a point… where he’s just kind of useless.”

— CNN’s Jim Acosta, quoted by The Hill, complaining that Sean Spicer won’t answer questions on camera.


CNN’s Gogi an American Success Story

“To become chief business editor at NPR is a huge honor. In a way, it embodies the achievement of the American dream for me. I grew up in a very small town on a mountain top in a remote corner of India, where I couldn’t even have imagined this,” she wrote. “Nowhere else in the world can a person emigrate from another country and be measured not on their color, religion or creed, but on the merits of their accomplishments, perseverance and experiences of what one brings to the table. At the risk of sounding corny, I’ll say it: It is what makes America great.”

— Pallavi Gogi, a senior editor at CNNMoney, who is leaving her post to become the top business editor at NPR, reports Reliable Sources.

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How CNN is Making You as Stupid as FOX Made Your Parents

If you don’t already subscribe to VOX on YouTube, you should. In the meantime, take in this well-argued video about CNN is making you stupid. And you thought only FOX News could do that.

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Banned CNN Bandies About ‘Ban’

Banned CNN’s Jake Tapper tries to separate “ban” from ban from ban.

Poetic Justice

It’s Medium Done

So no Trump admin folks will appear on CNN,
There’ll be no more Sean Spicer or Kellyanne.
They’re replacing Jake Tapper
With a conservative rapper,
And getting all their fake news from Mike Flynn.

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CNN Calls Out Trump’s Lies About Voter Fraud

Poetic Justice

There’s the Snub!

Something to remember about the RNC —
There’s no Fourth Estate in its democracy.
When it coms to debates,
CNN’s softball questions are great!
Which is why the GOP is now snubbing NBC.


Cable News Is for Old People


The median age for CNN viewers in 2015; it was 63 for MSNBC and 67 for Fox News, the New York Times reports.