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For the First Time in History More than Half of Congress Members are Millionaires


Of the 534 current members of Congress had an average net worth of $1 million or more in 2012. The median net worth for the 530 current lawmakers who were in Congress as of the May filing deadline was $1,008,767 — an increase from last year when it was $966,000, according to OpenSecrets.


Gates Plumbs Depths of Thesaurus to Describe Congress

Congress is best viewed from a distance — the farther the better — because up close, it is truly ugly. I saw most of Congress as uncivil, incompetent at fulfilling their basic constitutional responsibilities (such as timely appropriations), micromanagerial, parochial, hypocritical, egotistical, thin-skinned and prone to put self (and re-election) before country.

— Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, in his new book, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War.

Poetic Justice

Again and Again

The 113th Congress is back in session again.
The Republican-led House is doing it yet again.
They’re starting off
Right where they left off,
They’re voting to defund Obamacare — again.


Nearly 5 Million Will Cease to Get Unemployment Benefits in 2014 If Program Expires

4.9 million

Number of unemployed U.S. workers who will no longer receive unemployment benefits if the program expires, according to the Washington Post.


Nothing to Celebrate in D.C.

I’m happy to see Thanksgiving and Christmas come around so that we can have some real celebration away from this place because there’s nothing to celebrate around here.

— Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), quoted by The Hill.


Congressional Gridlock, Explained


Number of members of the 113th Congress who have voted with the majority of their party less than 90 percent of the time (20 Republicans and 39 Democrats). National Journal: “If you’re looking for a quick fact to explain congressional gridlock, it’s this.”

News & Comment

3 Things to Know About Florida Politics Now

  1. Former Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is running for governor in 2014 as a Democrat. The official announcement was made in Crist’s hometown of St. Petersburg, and puts an end, not to speculation that Crist would run, but to when the campaign would begin. It’s on.
  2. Alex Sink (D), former state chief financial officer, who lost to Gov. Rick Scott (GOP/Tea) in 2010 by 1% in a campaign where Scott provided $75 million of his own money, announced she is running for Congress to fill the seat of U.S. Rep. Bill Young (R), who died in October. Sink claims a fundraising headstart, and if successful, will help chip away at the Republican majority in the House. Dist. 13, where Sink is running, is 37.7% Republican, 35.2% Democratic, 23.2% independent, and the rest “other.”
  3. Republicans are already gunning for both Crist and Sink. This promoted tweet from the Florida GOP went up as Crist was delivering his announcement:


Is This How a Leader of Congress Should Speak to the President of the United States?

In a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you.’

— Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL), on Facebook.


Majority Think Congress Would Be Better If We Fired All the Bums


Of those surveyed in a new USA Today/Princeton Survey Research poll — equal to the margin of error — say Congress would be changed for the worse if nearly every member was replaced next year while 47% say it would work better. “Those findings are similar to the public’s views in previous years when voter dismay cost one side or the other control of the House. In 1994, when Democrats lost their majority, 40% said Congress would be better off if most members were replaced. In 2006, when Republicans lost control, 42% held that view.”


19 Organizations Spending $1 Million Per Month Lobbying Congress


Number of organizations spending $1 million per month on lobbying Congress during the most recent quarter, according to Roll Call’s Political Moneyline.