What It Means for America to Have the Largest Prison Population in the World
When You're Imprisoning More People Than North Korea, You've Got a Problem

This video from the Hank portion of the VlogBrothers doesn’t follow where the $75 billion a year goes, nor does it discuss prison privatization, which drives the spending, but maybe it’s better to start, as the video does, by describing the problem’s scope. Punitive measures that continue punishment even after the convicted have paid their [...]

A Third Alternative: Just Answer the Freakin’ Question, Marco

If you want a taste of what passes for honesty and frankness from Republican leaders these days, here’s a quote from Florida Sen. Marco Rubio after he was asked at an educational forum if he ever smoked pot. “If I tell you that I haven’t, you won’t believe me. And if I tell you that [...]

TIME’s Politics Prediction Survey Misses the Mark

TIME Magazine has an online survey that purports to be able to assess your politics based on a series of questions that seem to be apolitical (although they aren’t really, if you read them closely). I came out 32% conservative and 68% liberal, which is about as accurate as a Rush Limbaugh commentary. There is [...]

Why Conservative Republicans Aren’t Defending Christie

You’re going to see conservatives returning the favor he gave them over the last year. There’s no love lost between Chris Christie and conservatives.

— GOP strategist Rick Wilson, quoted by National Journal, adding that Christie “goes out of his way to be a dick to other Republicans.”

More Americans are Self-Identifying as ‘Liberal’


Of Americans identify themselves as conservatives, while 23% identify as liberals, according to Gallup. But the conservative advantage is down to 15 percentage points as liberal identification edged up to its highest level since Gallup began regularly measuring ideology in the current format in 1992.

Nice Atheist Collects $125,000 Thanks to Wolf Blitzer’s Douchery

Comedian Doug Stanhope helped raise $125,000 for the tornado victim who told Wolf Blitzer earlier this year that she wasn’t thanking the lord for sparing her and her child because she’s an atheist and doesn’t go in for that sort of thing. But before you go thinking Stanhope did it because he’s a nice guy…well, [...]

Earth Rights Itself on Its Axis as Cracker Barrel Reinstates Duck Dynasty Merch

If you have not had the misfortune to dine on the meaty, greasy, and yet somehow completely flavorless fare at a Cracker Barrel, you will not know that in order to get to the chow, you must first bob and weave through the world’s most annoying gift shop. It’s filled with overpriced America-esque junk, from [...]

Stock Market Not Into Obamacare Delay


Points the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell as it closed on Monday, after House Republicans continued to threaten a government shut-down if implementation of the Affordable Care Act isn’t delayed a year. What would happen during that year to change the ACA, which was passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court, and signed by the president, is unspecified.

If You Have a Sister, Be Thankful She’s Not Like Liz Cheney

In 2004, Dick Cheney proved that even conservative Republicans are one gay child away from a sensible view on marriage. In 2012, Liz Cheney is proving that Republicans will sell out a sibling to win a primary.

– LOLGOP, National Memo columnist, noting that Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney declared herself against marriage equality in an effort to prove she is even more conservative than incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi. Cheney’s sister, Mary, is openly gay.

Breaking News: Pensito Review Uncovers Stunning Evidence That Rightwing Radio Host Is Right — Bin Laden Situation Room Pic WAS Photoshopped

Some people laughed when American Family Association member Bryan Fischer claimed that the famous photo taken in the White House Situation Room during the raid that captured and killed Osama bin Laden was Photoshopped. Fischer said that Obama was added in later because his head appears smaller than anyone else’s in the room, but Pensito [...]