Another Reason to Be Glad John McCain Isn’t President

If John McCain were in charge we’d be in seven different wars right now across the world.

— Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), quoted by BuzzFeed.

The Only Good Conservative Is a Happy Conservative

I believe in being a happy conservative.

— House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), in an interview with David Brody.

Captured on Video: Why Rich Tea Partiers Make Such Bad Elected Officials

FOX 13 News If this video — from a FOX affiliate! — doesn’t explain why Florida Democrats and independents are willing to embrace the previous flip-floppin’ governor (Charlie Crist) to get rid of the current one, nothing will. Warning: Rick Scott’s countenance will haunt your sleep.

He Was Probably Hoping You’d Leave That Out

Before inheriting his family’s fortune, Scaife attended Yale University, but was expelled in his freshmen year when he rolled a beer keg down a flight of stairs and broke a classmate’s legs, according to a 1999 Washington Post article.

CNN, in what is perhaps not the way you’d want your obituary notice to end, even if you weren’t conservative think tank money source billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife.

Tea Party Out of Step with Rest of Nation


Of Tea Party Republicans think that concern about global warming is unwarranted, while just 13% of all Americans and 7% of non-Tea Party Republicans believe that, reports First Read.

Paul: GOP Should Not Be ‘Democrat Light’

There are people who say we need to be more moderate. I couldn’t disagree more.

— Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), quoted by the Des Moines Register, saying Republicans should not just be “Democrat light.”

Couple That Shot Las Vegas Cops Couldn’t Have Made Their Intentions Any Plainer

Besides being a cold-blooded act of cowardice, Jerad and Amanda Miller’s unprovoked shooting of two Las Vegas policemen and a Wal-Mart shopper prompts a bigger question: How much rope must a free country give antisocial, violent malcontents with which to hang themselves? Do we wait for the body count? If not, how do we decide […]

Tea Party Support Continues to Fall


Of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they are supporters of the Tea Party, while 11% are opponents and 48% are neither, a new Gallup poll finds. That is a significant drop from the Tea Party’s high-water mark in November 2010, when 61% of Republicans were supporters.

Here’s How the Gun Lobby Wants Us to Live

Quality of life? Out the window. If you were wondering what life is like under the recently passed, “All Guns, All the Time” Georgia law crafted by ALEC and the gun lobby, here’s an answer. It means that some guy, trying to make a point that only he understands, can pace back and forth at […]

Supreme Court to Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Drug Testing: ‘Talk to the Hand’

Florida’s public servants couldn’t be blamed for feeling that someone painted targets on their foreheads after Rick Scott (GOP/Tea) took over as governor three years ago. He eliminated many of their jobs, leaving the survivors with crippling work loads. He reduced their salaries by an amount equal to the state’s contribution to their pensions, so […]