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Enjoy This Video of Donald’s Fans Waving Russian Flags at CPAC

Donald Trump’s fans apparently have no idea what Russia’s flag looks like. Their ignorance allowed them to be punked by a pair of resistance activists from Americans Take Action, who gave the white, blue and red striped flags to attendees at the conservative conclave CAPC last week:

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Poetic Justice

A Conspicuous Absence

At CPAC they’re all speculatin’
That her political star is a-fadin’.
Formerly a major presence,
She’s a conspicuous absence —
So where in the heck is Sarah Palin?

Poetic Justice

Such a Chimera!

You probably will not believe us,
But at CPAC performed Bannon and Priebus.
One-half is alt-righter,
The other’s a liar,
And we prefer to call ’em Butthead and Beavis.

Poetic Justice

Three-Time Winner

Rand Paul might seem to be on the fast track,
With his loony libertarian act.
But in the 2016 campaign,
It’s becoming more plain
The only election he’ll win is the straw poll at CPAC.

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Republicans’ Teleprompter-Palooza

Marco Rubio
Herman Cain
Michele Bachmann
Rick Santorum
Mitt Romney
Sarah Palin

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