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Biden Raised Over $15 Million Last Quarter

$15.2 million

“Joe Biden raised $15.2 million in the third quarter for his presidential bid as he seeks the 2020 Democratic U.S. presidential nomination,” Reuters reports. “Though the former vice president is one of the leading candidates for the nomination, his take lagged behind those of fellow presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, who raised $25.3 million and $19.1 million in the third quarter, respectively.”


Yang Raised $10 Million Last Quarter

$10 million

“Andrew Yang raised $10 million in the third quarter of the year — a huge jump in support for the outsider Democratic presidential candidate,” Politico reports. “The haul is more than triple the $2.8 million Yang raised in the second quarter, as he has started to outpace sitting senators and other elected officials in polls.”


Harris Raised $11.6 Million in the Last Quarter

$11.6 million

“Sen. Kamala Harris raised $11.6 million in the third quarter of 2019, a sum that is consistent with her previous hauls, despite the California Democrat’s falling poll numbers,” CNN reports. “Harris’ fundraising has been notably consistent throughout her presidential run. The candidate raised $12 million in the first quarter and $11.8 million in the second quarter.”


Booker Raised $6 Million Last Quarter

$6 million

Sen. Cory Booker raised more than $6 million in the third quarter for his presidential campaign, buoyed by a surge of more than 46,000 donations totaling $2.1 million in the final 10 days of September, Politico reports.


Sansders Sees Summer Fundraising Surge

$25.3 million

“Bernie Sanders raised $25.3 million in the past three months for his Democratic presidential bid, his campaign said Tuesday, exceeding the $18 million he raised in each of the previous two quarters this year,” the Wall Street Journal reports.


Buttigieg Raises $19.1 Million

$19.1 million

“Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised $19.1 million for his presidential campaign during the last three months… The figure represents a decrease in his fund-raising pace from earlier in the summer,” the New York Times reports. “Mr. Buttigieg’s total for the third fund-raising quarter, which ended Monday, was $5.8 million less than the 2020 Democratic field-leading $24.9 million he raised during the previous fund-raising period, which ran from April to June.”


Dems Take in Almost $9 Million in Two Days

$8.8 million

New York Times: “The online ticker for ActBlue, the company that processes most online Democratic donations, showed that Tuesday was one of the bigger fund-raising days in recent months that was not linked to a Democratic debate or a monthly deadline. The site showed $4.6 million in donations on Tuesday, after $4.2 million on Monday.”


Sanders First to Have a Million Donors

1 million

One million people have donated to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, Politico reports. He is the first candidate to announce reaching that milestone.


Despite Pledge, Biden Accepting Money from Lobbyists


Joe Biden entered the Democratic primary promising “from day one” to reject campaign cash from lobbyists, the AP reports. “Yet hours after his April campaign kickoff, the former vice president went to a fundraiser at the home of a lobbying executive. And in the months since, he’s done it again and again. … It’s difficult to quantify how much Biden has raised from the multibillion-dollar influence industry, but the roughly $200,000 he accepted from employees of major lobbying firms is far more than any of his rivals has received.”


Harris Bags $1 Million at Vacation Fuundraisers

$1 million

“Sen. Kamala Harris raised over $1 million through several campaign fundraisers in the wealthy enclaves of the Hamptons on Long Island and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts,” CNBC reports. “Harris attended multiple events last weekend in the affluent vacation spots, including five in the Hamptons. The massive haul comes after she suffered a quick decline in national polls.”