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Dems Flip 36th Legislative Seat


Margaret Good (D) won a special election for state representative in Florida’s 72nd district on Tuesday night, beating James Buchanan (R) by 52% to 45%, WWSB-TV reports. The win gives Democrats their 36th legislative flip since President Trump took office. Trump carried the district by a 51% to 46% margin in 2016.


Democrats Ahead on Party Affiliation


Gallup: “Forty-four percent of U.S. adults identify as Democrats or are independents who lean to the Democratic Party, while 37% are Republican identifiers or leaners. … Democrats have maintained an edge of between five and nine percentage points on this measure of party affiliation throughout 2017, after holding a narrow advantage in late 2016.”


Democrats Seeking 50,000 Candidates


“The National Democratic Training Committee, which makes a free online candidate training program, plans to spend $4 million in 2018 in the hopes of getting 50,000 Dems to use their services to run for office,” Axios reports. “The digital approach could help the party attract younger candidates — ultimately helping address the Democrats’ old-people problem.”


‘A Stinging Repudiation of Trump’

“The results across the country [yesterday] represent nothing less than a stinging repudiation of Trump on the first anniversary of his election.”

James Hohamnn


Democrats have 16-Point Lead in Generic Ballot

16 points

A new CNN poll finds Democrats lead in the generic congressional ballot by a 16-point margin, 54% to 38%. Washington Post: “If that were actually to turn out to be the case, of course, we’d be talking about a Democratic landslide — and almost definitely a Democratic takeover of the House that is so difficult given the map. But even if it’s just close to reality, it could be a very bad omen for the Republican Party in a historically tough first midterm election under a president of their own party.”


Democrats Fielding Record Number of House Challengers


Brookings: “As of the end of June, 209 Democratic challengers had registered with the FEC and raised at least $5,000. That more than doubled the previous high mark since 2003. In 2009, the Republicans had 78 challengers with at least $5,000. The early GOP challengers in 2009 foreshadowed the party’s regaining majority control. The question is whether the same will hold true for the Democrats in 2018. … The number of challengers at six months is truly remarkable. And the candidates are not simply bunching up in a few primaries. Yes, there is some doubling up: six Democrats have filed so far against John Faso in New York’s 19th congressional district. But there is also a good spread. So far, 105 different Republican incumbents have Democratic challengers with $5,000.”


Dems Way Ahead in Generic 2018 Ballot

49% to 38%

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows Democrats now have a 49% to 38% lead overall on the generic congressional ballot.“Even more notable though is that among voters who say they’re ‘very excited’ to turn out in the 2018 election, the Democratic lead balloons to 27 points at 61% to 34%. The outcome of lower turnout midterm elections often hinges on which side is more engaged, and Democrats have the clear advantage at this point on that front — 63% of their voters say they’re ‘very excited’ about voting in next year’s election, compared to only 52% of Republicans who say the same.”


Democrats in Trump Districts Are Not Playing Along


“The 12 Democrats who represent House districts won by Donald Trump were supposed to be easy marks for the deal-making new president. Instead, they’re giving him the stiff-arm,” Politico reports. “After last week’s collapse of the GOP effort to scrap Obamacare — fueled partly by resistance from conservative House hard-liners — Trump and his allies have hinted that outreach to Democrats may soon be on the way. But Trump’s polarizing agenda and early stumbles have stiffened the resolve of moderate Democrats once spooked by his success in their districts.”


Schumer: My Job Is to Make Sure Trump Doesn’t ‘Get Away with Stuff’

The number one thing that’s going to determine whether we win or lose? If Trump’s at 35% we could take back the Senate. If Trump’s at 55%, we could lose the whole ball of wax. So part of my job is to make sure that we don’t let Trump get away with stuff.

— Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), quoted by the Washington Post.


More Democrats Skipping Inauguration


Number of Democratic who lawmakers have now announced they’ll boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, The Hill reports.