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DNC Hires Staff in Six Battleground States


“It’s the DNC’s first round of staff hires in battleground states, drawing an early outline of the 2020 electoral map: Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, four of the closest states that Trump won in 2016, as well as Arizona — which has slowly been moving to the left in recent years and voted for Trump by a narrow 3.5 percentage points in 2016 — and Ohio, a traditional swing state that some Democrats argue should be considered a second-tier priority in 2020,” Politico reports.


DNC Is Pissing Off the Youth


The Atlantic: “The youths in the Democratic Party are angry. Sixty-eight chapters of the College Democrats are urging voters not to donate to the party’s congressional-campaign arm after it instituted a new policy to protect incumbents from primary challenges.”


Howard Dean to Run for DNC Chair

I don’t believe in going back, but the party’s in big trouble and I have the best record of any DNC holder I think in history.

— Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D), announced he will be run for Democratic National Committee chairman, Bloomberg reports. Dean said the party “needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.”


DNC Deep in Debt

$21.9 million

Amount of the Democratic National Committee’s total obligations at the end of February, up from $20.6 million in debt as of Nov. 26. In addition to taking on more debt, the committee has seen its cash on hand reduced by more than half since Nov. 26, from $9.7 million to just more than $4 million, according to the Washington Post.


What Enthusiasm Gap? DNC Sets Fundraising Record of $16 Million in September

$16 Million

Record-breaking fundraising amount collected, mostly in small donations, by the Democratic National Committee in September. This is a stark contrast from fundraising by the Republican National Committee, which missed its goal for September by $3.8 million.