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Poetic Justice

Lumps of Coal

Healthcare reform just gets more twisted and vicious,
And tax reform looks like a lot of unfinished business.
They’ve all been naughty, not nice,
And after checking his list twice,
Santa Ryan says Congress has to stay in session through Christmas\.


Why Republicans Don’t Need to Govern

You can’t simply assert, like it’s some sort of natural fact, that Republicans ‘must show they can govern’ when an alternative course is available. Not only is it not a secret — this other direction — but it’s being strongly urged upon the party by people who are a key part of its coalition. … The alternative to ‘show you can govern’ is to keep President Obama from governing. Right? Keep him from accomplishing what he wants to get done in his final two years and then ‘go to the country,’ as Karl Rove used to say, with a simple message: time for a change! This is not only a valid way to proceed, it’s a pretty likely outcome.

— Jay Rosen, on his PressThink blog.


Is Congress Abdicating Its War Powers to Obama?

“There’s one power Congress has that it doesn’t want: The power to declare war. And that’s certainly so seven weeks before congressional elections.

Bloomberg reports. “The House will vote today on an amendment that gives the administration the authority to train and equip Syrian rebels as part of President Barack Obama’s strategy for destroying Islamic State. But it is silent on whether the president can deploy U.S. forces in the region. Some say Congress is setting a dangerous precedent by abdicating its war powers.”

Poetic Justice

Beware of CongressCare

We’re watching the ebola epidemic,
To which Congress’ response is anemic.
Oh, they’ll toss a few million
To save a few children,
Long as it’s mostly just Africans getting sick.

Poetic Justice

Executive Action Figure

President Obama has returned from vacation,
Recharged and ready to lead this great nation.
Though with a do-nothing Congress,
He doesn’t have much choice,
But to instigate some serious executive action.

News & Comment

Least Productive Congress in History Leaves Washington for Five-Week Vacation

After breaking all records for doing nothing, the least productive Congress in U.S. history leaves town today for a five-week vacation:

The grand-daddy of all “Do Nothing” Congresses will be departing soon for an undeserved five week summer vacation – leaving behind a pile of unfinished business and a serious humanitarian crisis festering along the U.S.-Mexico border.

While lawmakers likely will be able to claim a modicum of success on a few issues, the House prepared to close up shop Thursday afternoon after Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was forced to pull from the floor two GOP measures to help house, process and deport tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America who crossed the border illegally in recent months.