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Perfesser Trump’s Ineffective President Course

Courtesy Pixabay
Courtesy Pixabay
Charlie Cook points out that Donald Trump is not just President of the Electoral College, he’s also qualified to teach a course in presidential ineffectiveness:

“If you wanted to offer a graduate-school class in how not to be an effective president of the United States, Donald Trump could write the textbook and teach the course.”

“The first lesson would be to cater myopically to your base, alienating those in your party who are not in your core constituency—particularly the congressional leadership and power players who would be the ones instrumental to actually getting anything done. The second lesson would be to offend independent voters, those not married to either party who are at least theoretically open to the arguments from both sides. Finally, the third lesson would be to do everything possible to eliminate any chance of getting defections from the ranks of the other party while riling up the other party’s base, giving them an intensity that they may have lacked when they lost last year’s election.”

“That’s pretty much how you would do it—and it’s what Trump has done.”

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Check out Donald’s Jaw Dropping 2009 ‘Condolence’ Blog Post to Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston and her son, Jett Travolta
Kelly Preston and her son, Jett Travolta

If you think the so-called president’s tweets this morning were shocking, check out this jaw-dropping “condolence note” to actress Kelly Preston that he posted on the Trump U blog in January 2009 after her son, Jett Travolta, died:

A long time ago, before I was married, I met Kelly Preston at a club and worked like hell to try and pick her up. She was beautiful, personable, and definitely had allure. At the time I had no idea she was married to John Travolta.

In any event, my track record on this subject has always been outstanding, but Kelly wouldn’t give me the time of day. She was very nice, very elegant, but I didn’t have a chance with her, and that was that.

He concluded the post by sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Kelly and her family.

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Naomi Klein: How to Resist Donald’s Shock Doctrine Politics

From Naomi Klein’s new book, No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need:

Shock. It’s a word that has come up a lot since November— for obvious reasons.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about shock. Ten years ago, I published “The Shock Doctrine,” an investigation that spanned four decades from Pinochet’s U.S.-backed coup in 1970s Chile to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

I noticed a brutal and recurring tactic by right wing governments. After a shocking event – a war, coup, terrorist attack, market crash or natural disaster – exploit the public’s disorientation. Suspend democracy. Push through radical “free market” policies that enrich the 1 percent at the expense of the poor and middle class.

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Poetic Justice

A Hundred Days of Trump

We’ve survived three months of Trump as president,
A quarter of a year indeed without precedent.
Now Trump says he thought it would be easier
To be the Free World’s most powerful leader,
While we never thought it would be so hard just to be a U.S. resident.

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From Vanity Fair: A Brief History of Team Donald’s Ties to Russia