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Trump On Pace to Say 10,000 Lies by End of First Term


The Washington Post‘s Glenn Kessler tells Poynter that at President Trump’s current pace of making false statements — 6.5 a day, more than 200 a month — he could hit 10,000 by the end of his term. “What sets Trump apart from his predecessors? Two things, says Kessler, who has kept an eye on presidents since Bill Clinton. One, Trump doesn’t seem to have or use the staff to base a statement, even if stretched, on fact. Two, he doesn’t seem to care if he is caught in a misstatement — he just repeats it; in one case, more than 70 times.”


Americans Don’t Think Trump Is Honest or Trustworthy


A new SurveyMonkey poll finds just 13% of Americans said they would consider President Trump to be honest and trustworthy.


Most Americans Believe Comey Over Trump

54% to 35%

A new Quinnipiac poll finds more Americans believe former FBI Director James Comey than President Trump, 54% to 35%. Believing President Trump more than Comey are Republicans 76% to 13%, white men 47% to 39% and white voters with no college degree, 47% to 40%. Every other party, gender, education, age and racial group backs Comey. Also interesting: Voters say Trump should not fire special counsel Robert Mueller by a 74% to 13% margin, including 59% to 25% among Republicans.


First DACA-Protected Dreamer Deported


“Federal agents ignored President Trump’s pledge to protect from deportation undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children by sending a young man back to his native Mexico, the first such documented case,” USA Today reports.


GOP Bill Would Actually Cut Number of Highly Skilled Immigrants


President Trump and his Senate allies “are now presenting their goal for immigration reform as increasing the number of high-skilled immigrants allowed into the United States,” The Atlantic reports. “But by trumpeting high-skilled immigration, Trump, Cotton, and Perdue are also obscuring the most significant impact of their proposal: a 50 percent cut in legal immigration.”


Trump Lies Almost Six Times a Day


Washington Post: “With just 10 days before he finishes his first year as president, Trump has made 2,001 false or misleading claims in 355 days, according to our database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the president. That’s an average of more than 5.6 claims a day.”


Trump Takes Credit for Commercial Aviation Safety Record

“Since taking office I have been very strict on commercial aviation. Good news – it was just reported that there were zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!”

— President Trump, on Twitter, taking credit for planes not crashing.


Trump Made 25 False Statements in 30 Minutes


Toronto Star: “President Trump sat down Thursday for a rare interview with a media outlet other than Fox News, holding an impromptu 30-minute session with New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt at his golf club in West Palm Beach, Fla. … He made nearly one false claim per minute — 25 false claims in all.”


Apparently, Trump Can’t Count Either

“Remember, Republicans are 5-0 in Congressional Races this year. The media refuses to mention this. I said Gillespie and Moore would lose (for very different reasons), and they did. I also predicted ‘I’ would win. Republicans will do well in 2018, very well!”

— President Trump, on Twitter.


Trump Lies More than Most People — and Half Are Hurtful, Disparaging Lies


Bella DePaulo: “I spent the first two decades of my career as a social scientist studying liars and their lies. I thought I had developed a sense of what to expect from them. Then along came President Trump. His lies are both more frequent and more malicious than ordinary people’s. … Trump told 6.6 times as many self-serving lies as kind ones. That’s a much higher ratio than we found for our study participants, who told about double the number of self-centered lies compared with kind ones. … The most stunning way Trump’s lies differed from our participants’, though, was in their cruelty. An astonishing 50 percent of Trump’s lies were hurtful or disparaging.”