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Most Republicans Say fact-Checkers Are Biased


A new Pew Research survey finds 70% of Republicans say fact-checkers tend to favor one side, compared with 29% of Democrats — a 41 percentage point difference. Conversely, 69% of Democrats say fact-checkers deal fairly with all sides, a view shared by just 28% of Republicans. Independents are more split, with 47% saying fact-checkers tend to favor one side and 51% saying they deal fairly with all sides.


Sanders Hopes to Be Remembered as ‘Honest’

“I hope that it will be that I showed up every day and I did the very best job that I could to put forward the president’s message, to do the best job that I could to answer questions. To be transparent and honest throughout that process and do everything I could to make America a little better that day than it was the day before.”

— White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, telling Politico that she hopes to be remembered as being “transparent and honest” when her tenure comes to an end. Stormy Daniels: “And I hope to be remembered for being a virgin.”


Trump Erroneously Claims U.K. Is U.S.’s Biggest Trade Partner


President Trump said in his meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May that the U.K. is the Unites States’ biggest trade partner, a fact that “many people may not know,” CNN reports. That’s because it is not true: China is actually the largest U.S. trade partner. Britain is number seven.


The Coming Summer of Propaganda

“President George W. Bush once said that to get a message across, you had to repeat it over and over, ‘to kind of catapult the propaganda.’ President Trump must have been paying attention. … I predict this will be a summer of nonstop, shameless propaganda from Trump and his minions. It will be clumsy, ridiculous and pathetic — but don’t ignore it. Call it out. Laugh at it. Recognize it for what it is: a sign not of strength but of fear.”

Eugene Robinson


Study Finds Media Abet, Don’t Rebut, Trump’s Lies


Media Matters: “Major media outlets failed to rebut President Donald Trump’s misinformation 65% of the time in their tweets about his false or misleading comments… That means the outlets amplified Trump’s misinformation more than 400 times over the three-week period of the study — a rate of 19 per day.”


Trump has Lied More than 10,000 Times


“It took President Trump 601 days to top 5,000 false and misleading claims in The Fact Checker’s database, an average of eight claims a day,” the Washington Post reports. “But on April 26, just 226 days later, the president crossed the 10,000 mark — an average of nearly 23 claims a day in this seven-month period, which included the many rallies he held before the midterm elections, the partial government shutdown over his promised border wall and the release of the special counsel’s report on Russian interference in the presidential election.”


Trump Is Bashing Puerto Rico, Again

“The best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico is President Donald J. Trump.”

— President Trump, on Twitter, while accusing Puerto Rican officials of mismanaging funds provided for cleanup on the island after Hurricane Maria left thousands dead.


More Believe Cohen than Trump

53% to 35%

A Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday found voters saying – by a 50% to 35% margin – that they believe Michael Cohen more than his former boss. The only groups who believe Trump more than Cohen are Republicans (79% to 11%), whites without college degrees (50% to 37%) and white men (51% to 37%).”


Trump Lied More than 100 Times in Two-Hour CPAC Speech


Washington Post: “Powered by his two-hour stemwinder at the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 2 — which featured more than 100 false or misleading claims — President Trump is on pace to exceed his daily quota set during his first two years in office.”


A Warning from Cohen for Republicans

“I did the same thing you’re doing now for 10 years… protecting Mr. Trump. The more people that follow Mr. Trump blindly are going to suffer the same consequences I’m suffering.”

— Michael Cohen, testifying at the House Oversight Committee hearing yesterday.