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Democratic Voters Not Tuned in Yet


A new Associated Press-NORC poll finds just 22% of Democrats registered to vote say they know a lot about the presidential candidates’ positions, while 62% say they know a little. And only 35% say they’re paying close attention to the campaign, with almost two-thirds saying they’re paying some or no attention.


FEC Clarifies U.S. Election Law for Trump

“Let me make something 100% clear to the American public and anyone running for public office: It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election. This is not a novel concept.“

— Ellen Weintraub, the head of the Federal Election Commission, “released a statement on Thursday evening reiterating, emphatically, that foreign assistance is illegal in U.S. elections,” Politico reports.


Biden: Get Rid of Trump and Republicans Will Change

“With Trump gone you’re going to begin to see things change. Because these folks know better. They know this isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing.”

— Joe Biden, quoted by the Daily Beast, on being able to work with Republicans.


Three Dem Candidates Hold Edge Over Trump

14 points, 9 points, 5 points

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds Joe Biden leading Donald Trump nationally in a possible presidential match up, 50% to 36%, among registered voters. Other match ups: Bernie Sanders leads Trump 46% to 37, and Elizabeth Warren leads Trump, 43% to 38%.


Most Think Trump Will Be Re-Elected


A new CNN poll finds that 54% of respondents say President Trump will win a second term in office, while 41% say he will be defeated in 2020.


Biden Says He Won’t Play Trump’s Game

“I’m not going to get down in the mud wrestling with this fella. I’m not going to do it. I don’t want to get into it. Everybody already knows who he is.”

— Joe Biden, quoted by Politico, on President Trump.


Democrats Don’t Have a Power Agenda

“The Democratic Party has lots of policy ideas. But policymaking is downstream from power. The kinds of policies that get crafted, considered, and passed, reflect the balance of power in society. And for all the clarity and rigor Democrats bring to the policy debate, they don’t have a clear theory of power — who they think holds it, and what, if anything, they want to do about it.”

Ezra Klein


Carville: Biden Is too Old to Be President

“I don’t care how experienced you are. I don’t care how many good people you have around you. That is not a job for 80-year-olds.”

— James Carville, in a podcast interview with David Axelrod, on Joe Biden’s candidacy for president.


Over Half Say They Won’t Vote for Trump


A new ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 55% of respondents said they will not vote for President Trump next year, with just 39% approving of his job as president. Just 28% said they definitely would vote for Trump, while another 14% said they would consider it.


Ryan: If Campaign Is About Trump’s Personality, He’ll Lose

“The person who defines that race is going to win the race. If this is about Donald Trump and his personality, he isn’t going to win it.”

— Former Speaker Paul Ryan, quoted by TCPalm. On the 2020 presidential race.