The Math is Not on Our Side in November


Republicans who say they will definitely vote in the mid-term elections in November, according to a CBS News poll. Only 68% of Democrats in the survey said the same.

Why Bill de Blasio Doesn’t Care, Is Driving Cadillacs in His Dreams

Much is being made of Bill de Blasio’s recent mayoral win in New York City, with the Washington Post even calling it “historic,” since he will be the first Democrat to serve in that office since David Dinkins won in 1989. It’s not just worth nothing that de Blasio won, but how. De Blasio focused [...]

3 Things to Know About Florida Politics Now

Former Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is running for governor in 2014 as a Democrat. The official announcement was made in Crist’s hometown of St. Petersburg, and puts an end, not to speculation that Crist would run, but to when the campaign would begin. It’s on. Alex Sink (D), former state chief financial officer, who [...]

House Republicans Call Out Senate Republicans Over Government Shutdown Plan

Does Ted Cruz have a plan to get 41 votes? Does he have a strategy he’s executing on to get 41 votes? Not that I’m aware of. Has he ever come to the House leadership and said, ‘Here’s my plan to get 41 votes in the Senate, to hold the line so we can defund Obamacare?’ Never. No. He’s just on his twitter account attacking House Republicans.

A frustrated but anonymous “GOP leadership aide” to NBC News, criticizing tea party Republicans vying for the 2016 presidential race, like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who want to shut down the government (or at least pretend their goal isn’t to gain political advantage) in yet another attempt to derail the Affordable Care Act.

More Money than Sense


Amount donated by billionaire rightwinger David Koch to New Yorkers for Proven Leadership, a PAC supporting Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, the deputy mayor under Rudy Giuliani. Koch’s wife, Julia, donated the identical amount.

Even Seniors Are Starting to Dislike Republicans
It's Going to Be Harder for the GOP to Win If Seniors Aren't Fired Up For Them

Remember when Republicans held their noses and voted for Mitt Romney in 2012? The results showed that really, really hating Candidate A isn’t enough to overcome feeling pretty meh about Candidate B. A new poll, from a Democratic polling group, shows the same scenario heading into 2014. Just 28 percent of voters 65 and older [...]

A Ten Point Loss Is Welcome News for Florida Gov. Rick Scott
It Could Be -- and Has Been -- Worse

The news was all good for Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Tea/GOP) in a recent Quinnipiac University poll…if you consider losing re-election to any competitor by at least six points to be good news. In a match-up with former Gov. Charlie Crist (who is considering running against him as a Democrat), Scott would lose 47 – [...]

Floridians Were All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Vote


Number of Floridians disenfranchised on Election Day 2012 because of long lines, according to new research on voter patterns and precinct-closing times which showed turnout fell by 2.3% for each hour of waiting. Republicans in Florida’s state houses cut the number of early voting days while crowding the ballot with 11 constitutional amendments that totaled more than 3,000 words (or about six college-level term papers), resulting in up to a five-hour wait in some precincts. The study was narrowly structured, but its researcher suspected even more people missed voting. “My gut is telling me that the real number deterred is likely higher,” he said.

The Less Influence They Have, The More Radical the Pro-Gun Groups Grow

There’s an interesting list of numbers on the website, Meet the NRA. Ladd Everitt, communications director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, recently called the National Rifle Association a “paper tiger.” With this record, I can see why. The National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund received a 0.83% return on the $11 [...]

If It Were the Other Way Around, the Whining Would be Deafening


Number of times, (until last week) over the past 100 years, when one major party won more popular votes for U.S. House, yet the other major party won more seats. The years were 1914, 1942, 1952, and 1996. Of course, 2012 makes it five times.