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New Yorker Nix Weiner and Spitzer

Sleazy come, sleazy go

— Headline in the New York Post, on both Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner losing their attempted comeback races after sex scandals.


Marion Barry is the Master of the Comeback

I can identify with them.

— Former Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry (D), quoted by CNN, on the political comeback attempts by Anthony Weiner (D) and Eliot Spitzer (D).


How and Why Do These Guys Come Back After Sex Scandals?

Another week and there goes another fallen officeholder trying to claw his way back from tabloid purgatory–another chance for some people to marvel about the power of forgiveness and redemption, and other people to marvel about the power of egomania and pure chutzpah. … It is one more occasion, in other words, for the vast majority of people who would stay crouched in a hole for years if they ever endured humiliation and disgrace of the sort Eliot Spitzer brought down on himself to wonder: What makes these guys tick?



Spitzer Can’t Shake the Hooker Shadow

Why are you late? Were you with a hooker?

— An unidentified man, quoted by the New York Daily News, at Eliot Spitzer’s (D) first campaign appearance for New York City Comptroller.


Even After Years, Spitzer Can’t Catch a Break

Here we ho again.

New York Post headline on the political comeback attempt by former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D).