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Warren to Run for Re-Election

The people of Massachusetts didn’t send me to Washington to roll over and play dead while Donald Trump and his team of billionaires, bigots, and Wall Street bankers crush the working people of our Commonwealth and this country. This is no time to quit. … I don’t kid myself: the upcoming fights in the Senate – and our campaign in Massachusetts in 2018 – are likely to be uglier and nastier than anything we’ve ever imagined. I’m not taking anything for granted.

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced this morning that she is running for reelection in 2018, the Boston Globe reports.


Warren Hits Trump Appointment

Donald Trump promised that he was not going to have a government that was going to work for Wall Street. He promised that he was not going to have a revolving door. And then he turns around in his first big economic appointment is to appoint a Wall Street insider.

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), quoted by Politico.


Warren: No More Whimpering!

The time for whimpering, the time for whining, the time for crying is over. It is time to fight back. Are we clear on that?

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), quoted by the Wall Street Journal.


Warren: Trump Hates Getting Beaten by a Girl

Donald Trump makes death threats because he’s a pathetic coward who can’t handle the fact that he’s losing to a girl.

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), on Twitter.


Warren Critiques Trump’s Speech in One Sentence

He sounded like some two-bit dictator of some country you couldn’t find on a map.

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), quoted by The Week, on Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

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Trump Scalped



Warren, Gingrich Seen as Likely Veep Picks

2 thirds

“More than a third of likely voters backing Democrat Hillary Clinton in the latest Bloomberg Politics national poll say she should pick Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a darling of the party’s liberal wing, as her running mate. … On the Republican side, almost a third of likely voters supporting Donald Trump say former House Speaker Newt Gingrich would be his best pick.”


Warren Amps Up Trump Attacks

Donald Trump is man who cares about no one but himself — a small insecure money-grubber who doesn’t care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off of it.

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), quoted by Fortune.


Warren Says She’ll ‘Fight My Heart Out’ to Defeat Trump

What happens next will test the character for all of us – Republican, Democrat, and Independent. It will determine whether we move forward as one nation or splinter at the hands of one man’s narcissism and divisiveness. I know which side I’m on, and I’m going to fight my heart out to make sure Donald Trump’s toxic stew of hatred and insecurity never reaches the White House.

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Facebook


Warren Lets Senate Republicans Have Both Barrels

For seven years, through artificial debt ceiling crises, deliberate government shutdowns, and intentional confirmation blockades, Senate Republicans have acted as though the election and reelection of Obama relieved them of any responsibility to do their jobs. Senate Republicans embraced the idea that government shouldn’t work at all unless it works only for themselves and their friends. The campaigns of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the next logical outgrowth of the same attitude — if you can’t get what you want, just ignore the obligations of governing, then divert attention and responsibility by wallowing in a toxic stew of attacks on Muslims, women, Latinos, and each other.

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tore into her Republican colleagues in a Boston Globe op-ed, arguing that since President Obama was elected, they have “refused to try to make government better — opting instead to try to shut down government altogether rather than to accept a functioning government led by someone they didn’t like.”