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Poetic Justice

Who’s Got the Button?

Go nuclear!” said the Trump to McConnell,
If his SCOTUS choice the Democrats do throttle.
With bravado and bluster —
Poof! No more filibuster!
Let’s just hope Trump doesn’t lead by example.


Obama Supports Ending Senate Filibuster

Probably the one thing that we could change without a constitutional amendment that would make a difference here would be the elimination of the routine use of the filibuster in the Senate. Because I think that does, in an era in which the parties are more polarized, it almost ensures greater gridlock and less clarity in terms of the positions of the parties. There’s nothing in the Constitution that requires it.

— President Obama, telling Vox the U.S. Senate should eliminate the filibuster.


McCain Keeps It Classy

Harry, I’m going to go kick the crap out of you.

— Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), quoted by the New York Times, before giving a speech blasting Sen. Harry Reid’s proposal to change the filibuster rules.


Senate Approves First Post-Filibuster Obama Judge Appointment

56 to 38

U.S. Senate vote to confirm Washington lawyer Patricia Millett to serve on a powerful U.S. appeals court — the first Obama administration nominee to receive approval since Democrats last month changed Senate rules to eliminate filibusters on most nominations, the Wall Street Journal reports.

News & Comment

Fallows: Five Signs That the United States Is Undergoing a Right-Wing Coup

Graph showing rise in filibuster abuse by Republicans
Graph showing rise in filibuster abuse by Republicans

Writing last week before the Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, James Fallows at the Atlantic suggested that by subverting one branch of government — the Judiciary, and in particular, the Supreme Court — Republican corporatist radicals are staging a slo-mo coup right before our eyes:

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