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Democrats Maintain Lead for Congress

45.9% to 40.1%

The newly-updated FiveThirtyEight generic congressional ballot tracker shows Democrats leading Republicans, 45.9% to 40.1%.


Five-Thirty-Eight Releases 3 Million Russian Tweets

3 million

FiveThirtyEight has obtained nearly 3 million tweets from accounts associated with the Internet Research Agency. To our knowledge, it’s the fullest empirical record to date of Russian trolls’ actions on social media, showing a relentless and systematic onslaught.” They’re uploaded to Github so that anyone can explore the data for themselves.


Trump’s Approval Continues to Tank

41% to 53%

FiveThirtyEight has averaged the latest approval ratings of five different surveys and came up with an average of 41% approve versus 53% disapprove of Donald Trump’s performance. In none of the polls was the disapproval less than 50%.


Silver Predicting a Clinton Win


The percentage chance that FiveThirtyEight’s latest forecast gives Hillary Clinton to win the election.