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It’s Just Miami Pilitics, Folks


“During his final two years in office and for several months afterward, former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) paid a Miami dentist and childhood friend with no political experience nearly $400,000 for political consulting,” the Miami Herald reports. … And since losing his seat last November, he’s spent thousands of dollars from his leadership PAC — called ‘What a Country!’ — on wine and high-end restaurants. … Now, Curbelo’s friend, JP Chavez, is his business partner in a communications and public affairs startup venture called Vocero LLC.”


Floridians Split on Trump Re-Election

46% to 45%

A new Mason-Dixon poll in Florida finds voters are nearly evenly divided on if President Trump should be re-elected, with 46% saying he should be replaced, 45% saying he should be re-elected and the remainder unsure.


As of Tuesday, 1.4 Million Ex-Felons in Florida Can Vote

1.4 million

“Tuesday is a historic day in Florida. Under an amendment passed by the voters in November, as many as 1.4 million former felons are regaining the right to vote. The referendum overturned a 150-year-old law that permanently disenfranchised people with felony convictions,” NPR reports.


Gillum Demonstrates How to Call Someone a Racist Without Calling Them a Racist

“I’m not calling Mr. DeSantis a racist. I’m simply saying the racists believe he’s a racist.”

HuffPost, on challenger Ron DeSantis (R).

Dems Ahead in Florida

12 points and 5 points

A new CNN/SRSS poll in Florida finds Andrew Gillum (D) holds a wide 12-point edge over Rep. Ron DeSantis (R) in the race for governor, 54% to 42%. In the U.S. Senate race, Sen. Bill Nelson (D) leads Gov. Rick Scott (R) by five points, 50% to 45%.


Gillum: DeSantis is ‘Uniquely Unlikeable’

“He’s easily dislikable. I don’t think anybody could spend a lot of time with him and walk away feeling inspired or encouraged or believe that he in some way knows what it means to to live their life. They realize they can’t package him in that way.”

— Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum (D), telling the Tampa Bay Times that rival Ron DeSantis (R) is “a uniquely unlikeable candidate.”


Florida Has Paid Out $11 Million to Settle Sex Suits

$11 million

The state of Florida has paid more than $11 million over a 30-year period to settle hundreds of cases that alleged that state workers were sexually harassed by supervisors and co-workers, or were forced to work in a hostile work environment, reports the Associated Press.


Puerto Rican Climate Refugees to Tilt Florida Politics


New York Times: “More than 168,000 people have flown or sailed out of Puerto Rico to Florida since the hurricane, landing at airports in Orlando, Miami and Tampa, and the port in Fort Lauderdale. Nearly half are arriving in Orlando, where they are tapping their networks of family and friends. An additional 100,000 are booked on flights to Orlando through Dec. 31… Large numbers are also settling in the Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach areas.”


Florida Democrats Crushing GOP in Voter Registrations

503,000 to 60,000

Margin by which Florida Democrats are beating the GOP in voter-registration forms submitted, reports Politico: “Remember when the GOP said it had this great ground game in Florida? Yeah.”


Scott Refuses to Extend Voter Registration in Florida After Hurricane

Everybody has had a lot of time to register.

— Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R), the chairman of the super PAC backing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, refusing to extend the Tuesday deadline for voter registration as requested by Hillary Clinton’s campaign due to Hurricane Matthew, Politico reports.