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Powell: U.S. Foreign Policy Is in ‘Shambles’

“The Republican party has got to get a grip on itself.”

— Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, on CNN, adding that the country’s foreign policy is “in shambles right now.”

Poetic Justice

En Lassus Rex

As Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson should be admired,
But he skipped dinner in South Korea because he was “tired.”
He says it’s just South Korean intrigue
And that he wasn’t even fatigued,
But if he’s lying about it, maybe he should just be fired.

News & Comment

Thank You, Germany!

A picture tells a thousand bad executive orders …

Der Spiegel No 6 2017


Trump the Negotiator Violated the Cardinal Rule of Negotiating

Edward Alden: “… Trump showed he does not understand the first thing about trade negotiations. In announcing the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, Mr. Trump has just unilaterally given away the biggest piece of leverage he had to deal with the biggest challenge in the world of trade, which is the increasingly troubling behavior by the world’s second largest economy, China. It is the first rule of any negotiation that you don’t give away something for nothing. Mr. Trump just did. And as foreign policy analyst Dan Drezner tweeted: ‘That sound you hear is the clinking of champagne glasses in Beijing.’”


Plurality of Americans Pessimistic About U.S.-China Relations Under Trump


Of Americans expect U.S.-China relations to deteriorate under the Trump administration, according to a YouGov poll from December. Just 19% expect them to improve, while 17% expect them to remain the same. The same poll asked if it was more important to punish China or maintain good relations, and 59% of respondents said maintaining good relations and only 13% wanted to punish China.


Wolfowitz: Trump Foreign Policy ‘Uncomfortable’

The only way you can be comfortable about Trump’s foreign policy, is to think he doesn’t really mean anything he says. That’s a pretty uncomfortable place to be in.

— Former Bush adviser Paul Wolfowitz, in an interview with Der Spiegel, while suggesting he might vote for Hillary Clinton.

Poetic Justice

It’s ‘Extreme’ Alright

Migrants are responsible for beheadings,
Rape, pillage, murder and blood-letting.
So to save our fair nation
From foul criminal immigration,
Donald Trump wants to implement “extreme vetting.”


Clinton More Trusted on Foreign Policy

59% to 36%

Spread by which Hillary Clinton has widened her edge over Donald Trump as being perceived as more trusted to handle foreign policy, and she has pulled even with Trump on handling terrorism, 48% to 48%, just as foreign policy has come to the forefront of the campaign, a new CNN/ORC poll finds. “And on the most prominent foreign policy issue of late, Russia and its relationship with the US, nearly 6-in-10 see the country as unfriendly, and about half say they think the Russian government is attempting to influence the outcome of the US presidential election.”


Trump Details His Foreign-Policy Approach

But we have to negotiate great trade deals. I would get the best guys — Carl Icahn is a friend of mine. I’d say Carl, congratulations, handle China. I’d get other guys like Carl. I’d say, good luck, here’s Japan. Believe me, we will do so well. We will make so much.

— Donald Trump, in an interview on Morning Joe.


Boehner Is More Involved oin Foreign Policy Than He Wants to Be

I wouldn’t have believed that I would be involved in as much foreign policy as I am today. And it certainly isn’t by choice. It’s just that the world is on fire. And I don’t think enough Americans or enough people in the administration understand how serious the problems that we’re facing in the world are.

— House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), in an interview with Politico.