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U.S. Denying Visas to Same-Sex Partners of Foreign Diplomats

“The Trump administration on Monday began denying visas to same-sex domestic partners of foreign diplomats and United Nations employees, and requiring those already in the United States to get married by the end of the year or leave the country.”

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Support for Same-Sex Marriage Continues to Rise


A new Gallup poll finds 64% of U.S. adults say same-sex marriages should be recognized by the law as valid. “Although not meaningfully different from the 61% last year, this is the highest percentage to date and continues the generally steady rise since Gallup’s trend began in 1996.”

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Donald: ‘I’m Okay’ with Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage But Opposed to Its Ruling on Abortion

In an interview on “60 Minutes” on Sunday, Donald Trump reversed his opposition to gay marriage by announcing that, as president, he will not seek to repeal laws that allow same-sex couples to marry because that right was affirmed by the Supreme Court.

Donald in 2011: “I just don’t feel good about it. I don’t feel right about it. I’m against it, and I take a lot of heat because I come from New York. You know, for New York it’s like, how can you be against gay marriage? But I’m opposed to gay marriage.”

And yet in that same interview he signaled he will appoint judges who will outlaw abortion, even though a woman’s right to choose whether to carry a fetus to term was also affirmed by the Supreme Court.

The shift on gay marriage is a significant reversal. In a campaign interview on CNN last year, Donald was asked by Jake Tapper, “But what do you say to a lesbian who’s married or a gay man who’s married who says, ‘Donald Trump, what’s traditional about being married three times?'”

Donald — a serial adulterer and infamous philanderer — responded, “I don’t say anything. I’m just for traditional marriage.”

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Graham to Kentucky Clerk: ‘Comply or Resign’

As a public official, comply with the law or resign.

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), in an interview with Hugh Hewitt, on the defiant Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.


Anti-Gay Marriage Kentucky County Clerk Has Been Divorced Three Times


Number of times Rowan (Kentucky) County Clerk Kim Davis has been married, reports U.S. News & World Report. Davis is facing potentially stiff penalties for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, raising questions of hypocrisy and selective application of the Bible to her life.


Santorum Warns Walker Over Family Divide Over Gay Marriage

Spouses matter. When your spouse is not in-sync with you — particularly on cultural issues, moral issues — you tend not to be as active on those issues.

— Rick Santorum, warning that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s dissonance with his wife on same-sex marriage could cause him to be less “active” in his opposition, The Hill reports.


Most Republicans Still Against Gay Marriage


Of Republicans oppose the Supreme Court’s backing of gay marriage, which gives hope for conservative presidential candidates who have come out strongly against marriage equality, a new Reuters poll finds. “When asked in general whether they support allowing same-sex couples to marry, 51% of Americans say they do, while 35 percent oppose it. Forty-eight percent of independent voters back gay marriage, making it difficult for a conservative Republican to win general election votes on the issue.”


Most Americans Support SCOTUS’ Decisions


Of Americans support the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding government assistance for lower-income Americans buying health insurance through both state-operated and federally-run health insurance exchanges, a new CNN/ORC poll finds. Slightly fewer, 59%, say they back the ruling which made same-sex marriages legal in all 50 states.

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Gay Marriage Wreckage

Bobby Jindal wants the Supreme Court’s destruction,
While Ted Cruz wants justices to stand for election.
They say that gay marriage
Is a judicial miscarriage.
They don’t believe in constitutional equal protection.


Jindal Displays His Deep Understanding of the U.S. Constitution

The Supreme Court is completely out of control, making laws on their own, and has become a public opinion poll instead of a judicial body. If we want to save some money lets just get rid of the court.

— Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), quoted by the Baton Rouge Advocate, in response to the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage across the country.