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Al Gore is Back, Just in Time

I woke up thinking about the disheartening news yesterday that Trump is doing his level best to set back Obama’s efforts to avert climate change. And then I saw this video, and realized that Al Gore is still out there somewhere, plugging away at making it better. As Gore put it in his response to Trump’s announcement:

No matter how discouraging this executive order may be, we must, we can, and we will solve the climate crisis. No one man or group can stop the encouraging and escalating momentum we are experiencing in the fight to protect our planet.


Americans Deeply Divided on Climate Change


Of Americans say they care a great deal about climate change, according to a new Pew Research poll. “Among them, 72% are Democrats and 24% are Republicans; both numbers include independents who say they generally lean toward one party. … On other questions on climate change, Americans remain starkly divided: Nearly 7 out of 10 Democrats believe climate change is mainly a result of human activity; less than a quarter of Republicans believe that.”


It’s Quickly Getting Too Hot to Work

$2 trillion

Amount that rising global temperatures could cost the global economy by 2030, according to Quartz. “New research suggests that climbing temperatures will make it harder for workers to do their jobs, particularly in the world’s poorest economies. The situation is worst for those in the lowest paid and most heat-exposed professions, such as construction and farming.”


Most Voters Willing to Pay to Combat Climate Change


Of likely U.S. voters say they are not willing to pay anything more in higher taxes and utility costs annually to generate cleaner energy and fight global warming, according to a Rasmussen telephone survey. But that’s down from 48% last August and the lowest level measured since January 2013. However, 56% are willing to pay, with 24% willing to spend $100 more per year, unchanged from earlier surveys, and 26% are ready to spend $300 or more a year, with 6% who are willing to spend at least $1,000 more annually.

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Because a Mistake is Not an Error Until We Refuse to Correct It

It’s worth your time to watch this on Earth Day or any day.

Poetic Justice

Foul Weather Words

In Florida we believe that bad words can be harming,
So we’re extra careful when sentences we are forming.
Phrases must be rearranged
If they would include “climate change,”
And we would never ever use a term like “global warming.”

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Solar Freakin’ Roadways Can Change the World

If you’re down in the dumps and worried, feeling like we might be witnessing the end of the world as we’ve known it and there’s nothing we can really do about global warming and climate change, then you’ve got to watch this video. Seriously. Watch it now.

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Oh Vanna! Response to Pat Sajak from a Science Blogger

If you’re behind on your Pat Sajak news (and who, besides your grandmother, isn’t?), the Wheel of Fortune host recently tweeted the following:

I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.

What those ends are is never explained but climate change deniers often hint at a conspiracy on the part of scientists to get people to pollute less, conserve resources, and achieve a healthier planet. Jack-booted thugs!

Greg Gladen, who posts at Science Blogs, provided the perfect image for a tweet back to Sajak, which said, “Suggestion for Wheel of Fortune puzzle!” You see it here.

Poetic Justice

Whither this Weatherman?

He always said he was a conservatist,
And he’s surely an American exceptionalist.
Who knew he had the potential,
Let alone the credentials —
But apparently Marco Rubio is a climate scientist!


Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Level Reaches Historic High

400 parts per million

“April will be the first time in human history where levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide were higher than 400 parts per million for an entire month, one scientist who monitors the levels said. And they could stay above that mark into July,” reports Climate Central.