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GOP Governors Launch ‘Fake News’ Site

“The Republican Governors Association has quietly launched an online publication that looks like a media outlet and is branded as such on social media. The Free Telegraph blares headlines about the virtues of GOP governors, while framing Democrats negatively. It asks readers to sign up for breaking news alerts. It launched in the summer bearing no acknowledgement that it was a product of an official party committee whose sole purpose is to get more Republicans elected. … Only after the Associated Press inquired about the site last week was a disclosure added to The Free Telegraph’s pages identifying the publication’s partisan source.”

Associated Press


North Carolina: The New Political Reality

This isn’t just hardball politics. This is a fundamentally anti-democratic approach to government, one that says that when we win, we get to implement our agenda, and when you win, you don’t. … To put this in context, perhaps nowhere in the country have Republicans moved more aggressively to solidify power by disenfranchising their opponents as they have in North Carolina.

Paul Waldman


Lawmaker Asserts Voter ID Law Will Help GOP in Prez Race

Well I think Hillary Clinton is about the weakest candidate the Democrats have ever put up. And now we have photo ID, and I think photo ID is going to make a little bit of a difference as well.

— Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI), telling WTMJ that his state’s new voter ID laws were a key reason the Republican presidential candidate will be competitive there in the general election.


Carson Accuses Cruz Campaign of Dirty Tricks

At many of the precincts, the information was disseminated that I was suspending my campaign, that I had dropped out. And anybody who was planning to vote for me was wasting their vote and therefore they should reconsider.

— Ben Carson, accusing Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign of telling voters at Iowa precincts that Carson had dropped out of the race, TPM reports.


GOP Developing Oppo Research on Bill and Hillary Clinton

Listen, we’re writing a Hillary Clinton book now, we have a research team that’s in Little Rock, so we’re not going to be shy about it… We’re going to be active. We’re going to get whatever we have to to share with the American people the truth about Hillary and Bill Clinton.

— RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, telling Bloomberg that the Republican party has already started a major opposition research effort against Hillary Clinton.


GOP Warns Pro Sports Leagues Not to Promote Obamacare


Number of professional sports leagues to whom Senate Republican leaders have sent letters warning them not to provide the Obama administration any assistance in promoting Obamacare,” TPM reports. “The letters, dated June 27, warn the chiefs of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Professional Golf Association and NASCAR that partnering with the administration to publicize the benefits of the health care law would damage their reputations.”

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DNC Calls out Rove, U.S. Chamber for Using Foreign Donations to Steal Election