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Poetic Justice

Spade in the Shade

First came the wiretapping allegation by the president,
An accusation many said was without precedent.
But the paranoid GOP
Smells yet another conspiracy —
Barack Obama’s running his own shadow government.

Poetic Justice

Start the Exaggerations!

Lo, once again, the political cycle completes,
Republicans rise rampant, Democrats sink in defeat.
But Obama’s executive action
Has irked the GOP to distraction,
Predicting armed uprisings and anarchy in the streets!


GOP Still Trying to Ram Through Romney’s 2012 Economic Plan

The fact that a major party could even propose anything like this is a display of astonishing contempt for democratic norms. Republicans ran on this plan and lost by 5 million votes. They also lost the Senate and received a million fewer votes in the House but held control owing to favorable district lines. Is there an example in American history of a losing party issuing threats to force the majority party to implement its rejected agenda?

— Jonathan Chait, looking at the Republican list of demands to raise the debt ceiling and concluding, “It’s Mitt Romney’s 2012 economic plan. Almost word for word, in fact.”


Poll: Half of Republicans Believe the 2012 Presidential Election Was Stolen by Unicorns


According to a new PPP survey, the number of Republicans who believe Pres. Obama stole the election with the help of UNICORNS — oh, wait … with the help of ACORN (which also does not exist).