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Green Sums Up Republican Politicians’ Position Succinctly

“Yeah, I disagree with what he’s doing now, I wish it wasn’t happening, but I still fully support it.”

— Rep. Mark Green (R-TN), on NPR, talking about President Trump and his pullout of troops from Syria.


Conway: There Is No ‘Voice of Moral Clarity’ in the GOP

“I don’t think there is a voice of moral clarity of any weight in the Republican Party today, and I think that’s just terribly sad… I think it’s just amazing to me that there really isn’t anyone.”

— George Conway, on Stay Tuned with Preet.


Powell: U.S. Foreign Policy Is in ‘Shambles’

“The Republican party has got to get a grip on itself.”

— Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, on CNN, adding that the country’s foreign policy is “in shambles right now.”


Curbelo: GOP on the Wrong Side of History

“This is unacceptable. Republicans must condemn it unequivocally. Time is running out for them to get on the right side of history. Our institutions and being diminished in a very dangerous way.”

— Former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) demanded that Republicans in Congress “unequivocally” condemn President Trump’s call for Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden and his son, The Hill reports.


Republicans Know They Are Going Down with Trump

“You want to know why so few Republicans have held town-hall meetings since early 2017? Because Trump is the cancer they deny is consuming them from the inside out. They see the political grave markers of 42 of their GOP House colleagues—and several hundred down-ballot Republicans—booted from office since 2017 and know that outside of the deepest red enclaves, they’re salesmen for a brand no one is buying. … I have some bad news, Republicans. It never gets better. There is no daylight at the end of this tunnel. Trump is a suicide bomber, and you’ve strapped yourselves to him so tightly that when he explodes, you’re going out to meet the 72 porn stars of the Trumpian afterlife with him. (Spoiler alert: They all look like Ivanka.)”

Rick Wilson


GOP Needs to Burn Down to Purify

“It’s like a fire. Fires are a part of the ecosystem, part of the natural progress. And when the forest burns, it’s purified. There can be new growth. For there to be new growth of a conservative movement, of a right center party, the one that I joined in 1988, it needs to burn to the ground.”

— Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, talking about the Republican party on MSNBC.


GOP Now the ‘Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel’ Party

“We’ve gone from being the party of Jeb Bush Republicans who can win everywhere and over perform in Democratic areas to the party of red hat Cletus the Slack-jawed Yokel and QAnon. Who thinks this is going to end well?”

— A Republican political operative, quoted by the Tampa Bay Times.


More Voters See Trump as Representing the GOP


A Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that 43% of voters believe President Trump represents the majority viewpoint of Republicans in Washington, compared with 37% who said he does not. … That’s a net swing of 20 points from a August poll when 47% said Trump did not represent the viewpoint of most Republicans, and 33% said he did. This is important: Trump promised to “drain the swamp,” but now voters see him as part of the swamp.


Maybe They Should Have Run a ‘Box of Hammers’

“We should be able to elect a box of hammers in this district. If we’re losing here, you can bet there is a Democratic wave coming.”

— Republican strategist Mike Murphy, quoted by the Washington Post, on Tuesday’s Pennsylvania special congressional election.


Big Decline in Voters Identifying as Republican

5 points

NBC News: “From November 2016 to November 2017 there was a 5-point drop in the number of people who call themselves Republicans, from 42% to 37%, according to Gallup. In that same time, the number of people identifying as Democrats stayed flat at 44%. … Do the math and a 2-point edge for the Democrats in party identification, 44% to 42%, has been pushed to 7 points, 44% to 37%, in just one year. That’s getting up into the area that may be a concern for Republicans in the 2018 midterms, where a big swing in party allegiance could lead to a swing in House and Senate seats.”