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Poetic Justice

Stinko de Mayo

Who says bipartisanship is a myth?
To avert a shutdown Congress acted forthwith.
They ignored Trump’s tweets
And averted defeat,
Extending the budget all the way to May 5th!

h/t to TP

Poetic Justice

Shutdown’s a Win!

All the stuff in Trump’s budget — where to begin?
Though Congress’ heels seem to be firmly dug in.
But if the Hill denies it,
Trump just might not sign it,
Because to his way of thinking, a shutdown’s a win!

Poetic Justice

Showdown, Meltdown — Shutdown!

We’re just 10 days away from a government shutdown,
And the Trump team’s heading for a Congressional showdown.
On the right, there’s the Freedom Caucus,
On the left, the Democrats are raucous,
So we’re predicting another Trump administration meltdown.


Cruz Tries to Pre-Blame Dems for GOP’s Government Shutdown

“You know, I very much hope we don’t have a shutdown. I will say I’m concerned. I think Chuck Schumer and the Democrats want a shutdown.”

— Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), quoted by the Texas Tribune.


Majority Does Not Want a Government Shutdown


A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that 65% of voters say that Congress should “take all necessary steps to avoid a government shutdown,” a warning sign for lawmakers who might be toying with the idea of holding up funding to influence policy. Just 17% of registered voters say they could stomach a shutdown “if it helps them achieve their policy goals.”


Government Shutdown Looms Large


Playbook: “The government is slated to shut down at the end of April. The House — where funding the government will be most difficult — is only in session for 12 more days between now and then. (The House is out from April 7 through April 25.)”


Planned Parenthood Budget battle a Lot of Noise Over Little Money

1/50th of 1%

Amount Planned Parenthood spending makes up of all federal expenditures. “In the context of all federal spending, [$528 million] is infinitesimally small. In fiscal year 2014, the federal government spent $3.5 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. So Planned Parenthood spending makes up roughly 1/50th of 1 percent of all federal expenditures — and that’s rounding up generously,” according to the Washington Post.


McConnell: There Will Be No Government Shutdown

Yeah, we’ll fund the government. I can’t tell you what will finally end up in or out of a government funding bill, but I can tell you without fear of contradiction there will be no government shutdown.

Roll Call reports.

Government Shutdown Now More Likely Than Not


The chance of a federal government shutdown, which has increased dramatically and precipitously since last week when it was 40 percent. “It’s now more likely than not that a shutdown will result from the craziness going on in Washington,” Stan Collender writes in Forbes.


Boehner Calls Failed Budget Vote ‘Messy’

It was just messy and I’m not into messy. But listen, I enjoy being in a legislative body. I enjoy all the personalities, and I’ve got a lot of them.

— Speaker John Boehner, in an interview with CBS News, admitting that averting a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security on Friday night “wasn’t a whole lot of fun.”