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Cuomo Booked 200 Hotel Rooms for Clinton Inauguration


Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) “was so eager to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s presidential inauguration, he booked 200 hotel rooms in DC for family, friends and supporters of his possible future bid for the presidency,” the New York Post reports.


Clinton Spent $1.2 Billion on Campaign

$1.2 billion

Amount Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent on her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, the New York Post reports.


A Quarter of Clinton Voters Were ‘Reluctant’


Of Hillary Clinton voters said they were “reluctant” in their vote as compared to just 20% of Donald Trump voters, according to a new George Washington University Battleground Poll. Meanwhile, 75% of Clinton voters said they were “definite” in their decision to vote for her, while 79% of Trump supporters said the same.


Clinton’s Popular Vote Lead Continues to Rise

1.72 million

Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead as of Sunday night, with millions of votes still to count, reports the New York Times. “At 1.3 percentage points, she has built a lead not seen in a losing campaign since Rutherford B. Hayes’ bitterly disputed election of 1876.”


Cook: Clinton Wins and Dems Take Senate

There is a food fight un­der way among many of those do­ing pres­id­en­tial-elec­tion mod­el­ing… It’s not my style or ex­pert­ise to put a spe­cif­ic per­cent­age on Clin­ton’s chances of win­ning, but, suf­fice it to say, it’s a really big num­ber. … The Sen­ate is tough­er to call. The strong like­li­hood of a Clin­ton vic­tory means that the Demo­crat­ic tar­get is 50 seats, a gain of four, with Vice Pres­id­ent Tim Kaine cast­ing a tie-break­ing vote if ne­ces­sary. Right now, I think the odds are highest for a four-seat gain, next likely would be five seats.

Charlie Cook


Final Polls Show Clinton Has Lead

45% to 40%

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump nationally, accoring to the final NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, with Johnson at 6% and Stein at 2%. The final Politico/Morning Consult poll shows Clinton leading Trump by three points nationally, 45% to 42%, with Johnson at 8% and Stein at 4%.


Actress Alfre Woodard Backs Clinton

This is a race between a highly qualified, intellectually formidable, tough, balanced, nimble, seasoned politician… and a breathtakingly unqualified candidate who is as ready to be the President of the United States as a broken clock is ready to keep accurate time. Although to be fair, a broken clock is right twice a day, which is far more often than Donald Trump is right.

— Actress Alfre Woodard in Essence magazine


Clinton Explains Her Approach to Debate Prep

I had a team of people who were relentless, totally in the head of what Trump might do. A lot of this comes down to who gets into whose head. It’s like an athletic contest or maybe a high-stakes entertainment performance.”

— Hillary Clinton, quoted by People Magazine, on how she prepared for the debates.


Woman Born Before Suffrage Casts Vote for Clinton


Age of a woman who was born six years before women could vote in the United States who “very publicly cast her ballot Tuesday for the first female major party presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton,” Politico reports.


Independents Backing Clinton by Narrow Margin

Hillary Clinton’s a slim advantage with independents, a group Republican Mitt Romney won by five percentage points in 2012, a new Bloomberg poll finds.