Rick ‘America’s Pastor’ Warren Compares Being Gay to Punching Someone in the Nose, Adultery and Arsenic

Pres. Obama’s favorite bigot, megachurch hatemonger Rick Warren, who once boasted about his ties to Martin Ssempa, a leader in the “kill the gays” movement in Uganda, has stepped in it again: RICK WARREN: Here’s what we know about life. I have all kinds of natural feelings in my life and it doesn’t necessarily mean […]

Hate Group Spokesman for GOP Base: Romney Has Put a ‘Bag Over Ryan’s Head’ and a ‘Sock in His Mouth’

Bryan Fischer: “The biggest mistake is they put a bag over Paul Ryan’s head. That’s the biggest mistake they made — they put a sock in Paul Ryan’s mouth.”

Tea Party Congressman, Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh, Freaks Out, Screams at Constituents Over Financial Regulations
This Is the Sort of Public Meltdown That Would Kill the Political Career of a Normal Politician

Less than a week after being honored for his “family values” by a hate group, tea bagger congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois, an infamous deadbeat dad, was caught on tape having a meltdown during a meeting with constituents in a bar. Walsh, who owes over $100,000 in child support, spent tens of thousands of his […]

God Hates Fags Cult Announces Protest at Steve Jobs’ Funeral – By Tweeting from an iPhone

From Dave Weigel:

Mr. Michele Bachmann Speaks, Gaydars Go Off

Apropos of nothing, have you seen Fran Drescher’s new sitcom? Transcript:

Guess What Percentage of Americans Is Gay

If you guessed that 25 percent of Americans are gay, you would be wrong, but you would be in agreement with a majority of the country, according to a new poll from Gallup: Anti-gay activists debunk assertions that 10 percent of the population is gay. They claim it’s more like 2 percent — which prompts […]

Divorce Has Declined Since Gay Unions Were Legalized, So Where Is Threat to ‘Opposite’ Marriage?

One of the most nonsensical claims by opponents of gay marriage is that it is a threat to “traditional marriage,” by which they mean what their intellectual hero, Carrie Prejean, the disgraced former Miss California USA, referred to as “opposite marriage.” For people who aren’t tuned into the debate, the canard that gay marriage threatens […]

Pitts Asks Help to Sharpen His ‘Demon Gaydar’

In yesterday’s Miami Herald, columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. weighs in on the “gay exorcism” scandal with wicked sarcasm: To Manifested Glory Ministries of Bridgeport, Conn.: Perhaps you wouldn’t mind telling me what a ”homosexual demon” looks like. I will confess that until last week, I had no idea demons even had sexual orientations. Or, for […]

Church Performs ‘Gay Exorcism’ on Teen

Here’s the CNN story: The boy writhes uncontrollably on the floor, but the church members remain calm, if increasingly loud. They’re trying to drive a “demon” out of him. “You homosexual demon, get up on outta here!” they say. “You demon, loose yourself!” “You sex demon … you snake!” The shouts, the convulsions, the references […]

Trump Sends Letter to Homophobic Beauty Queen: You’re Fired

After milking every ounce of publicity out of the hoopla around not firing Miss California, Carrie Prejean, last month for lying about having posed for nude photos, making bigoted remarks and consorting with the National Organization for Marriage, an anti-gay hate group, Donald Trump reversed himself and terminated Prejean today. “To me she was the […]