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House Freedom Caucus Does Its Usual August Dirty Work

“The HFC always does something like this right before the August recess. They tried to boot John Boehner, they tried to push out the IRS commissioner, they tried to force a repeal of Obamacare and this year, they are trying to push out the deputy attorney general. They say they are responding to legitimate issues. Their detractors say they’re trying to raise money and split Republicans.”

Playbook makes a good observation about the House Freedom Caucus effort to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Poetic Justice

Missing His Mystique

All Donald Trump can do is grimace and glower,
After the Freedom Caucus sent his team to the shower.
Those GOPers don’t fear him,
Respect him or love him,
And it seems Trump’s lost his famed “mystique of power.”

Poetic Justice

He’s Had a Few

On the healthcare bill, he should have hedged his bets.
Since the Freedom Caucus doesn’t respond well to threats.
Shoulda done tax cuts first,
And kept healthcare for last,
It’s safe to say, along his way, Donald’s had a few regrets.

Poetic Justice

The Caucus Ruckus

It looks pretty bad for replace and repeal,
After Trump couldn’t execute the art of the deal.
For Trump, it’s sad, he
Wanted to win so badly,
But those Freedom Caucus boys just don’t care how he feels.


Members of the New House Freedom Caucus Are, Well …

They’re not legislators, they’re just assholes.

— Senior GOP aide, quoted by Roll Call, about the new House Freedom Caucus.