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2020 Census Promises Big Congressional Changes


Number of states that will likely gain or lose House seats after the 2020 census, the Wall Street Journal reports, according to a new U.S. Census release of state-by-state population changes. “If those trends hold up, 15 states would gain or lose districts after the 2020 census. The biggest gains would come to Texas, which is projected to clinch three more House seats, and Florida, a gainer of two seats. Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado and are all poised to grab one seat after 2020. … Nine states are projected to lose districts: Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia.”

Poetic Justice

Vengeance Is His

Those who oppose Speaker Boehner come from the fringe,
And those who opposed him now have no right to whinge.
Because once they voted,
Their betrayal was noted,
And they set themselves up for Speaker Boehner’s revenge.


Only 11% of Boehner’s Campaign Money is Donated in Ohio


Of House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) campaign contributions come from outside of his home state of Ohio, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


Democrats Ahead in Fundraising Efforts

$42.3 million

Amount the top Democratic candidates in the 52 most competitive House races reported raising in 2013, topping the $34.8 million for the top GOP candidates in those races,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Democrats in the most competitive races reported they had a total of $30.9 million to spend on their campaigns at the end of 2013. That was $6.3 million more than the top Republicans in those races.”


Cook: Where’s the Adult Behavior and Respect for Office?

Increasingly we are seeing more members, in both chambers and both parties, leadership as well as rank and file, who seem to have little sense of customs, traditions, and responsibilities of the institutions that they have been given the honor or privilege to serve. We are seeing more and more behavior and tactics that truly bring disgrace on the institution. Much of the same can be said about this White House as well …. There is nothing new about divided government; it has been the rule more than the exception for much of modern history. But how it is handled has changed — we aren’t seeing adult behavior from any of the three corners of this House-Senate-White House triumvirate.

— Pundit Charlie Cook.


Twitter Is the Best Predictor of Congressional Races

404 of 406

Number of House races correctly predicted by Twitter in the 2010 midterm elections, according to National Journal: “The key measure, researchers from Indiana University found, was a candidate’s ‘tweet share,’ the percentage of total tweets about a race that mention them. The more often a candidate is mentioned on Twitter relative to their opponent, the study reported, the greater their chance for victory.”


Apparently, Lots of ‘Mr. Smiths’ Go to Washington


Number of House of Representative members with the surname Smith, according to a Smart Politics analysis. With the addition of Missouri’s Jason Smith to its rolls, the name now extends its lead to 50 over “Johnson” which comes in second with 65. Rounding out the Top 10 are Davis with 55, Wilson and Williams with 54, Miller with 49, Brown with 46, Jones with 45, and Taylor and White with 41.

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