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Dean Calls for His Generation of Dems to ‘Get the Hell Out of the Way’

“I think my generation needs to get the hell out of politics. Start coaching and start moving up this next generation who are more … fiscally sane. Neither Republicans or Democrats can claim they are fiscally responsible anymore. … This young generation is going to pay for that if we don’t get the hell out of the way and have somebody who is 50 running the country.”

— Howard Dean on MSNBC.


Howard Dean to Run for DNC Chair

I don’t believe in going back, but the party’s in big trouble and I have the best record of any DNC holder I think in history.

— Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D), announced he will be run for Democratic National Committee chairman, Bloomberg reports. Dean said the party “needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.”


Dean Suggests Trump Had Cocaine Sniffles

Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?

— Former Gov. Howard Dean, on Twitter.

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The Trump Cocaine Tweet, Captured Live


By now you’ve probably heard the theory that Donald Trump was using cocaine during the first debate with Hillary Clinton. That’s because of the odd sniffing noises Trump kept making. Former Democratic National Committee chair and presidential candidate Gov. Howard Dean tweeted what everyone was thinking, and an alert viewer captured a screen shot of the live tweet and posted it in the comments section of the website Jezebel.


Dean Draws Parallels to Sanders

People like Bernie are always attractive, as I was. They speak truth to power. The problem with candidates like that — and like me — is that as you get closer to election time, you’re more careful about how your vote’s going to be used. You’re going to tend to want to see somebody who you think looks presidential as the nominee of your party. That’s one of the things that sank me.

— Howard Dean, in an interview with the Washington Post.


Dems Faulting Leaders for Brushing Off Midterm Losses

No, I haven’t seen any discussion about the complete lack of message. I think they need to figure out what they stand for and then talk about it.

— Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, quoted by The Hill, on the Democratic losses in the 2014 midterm elections.


Dean Hopes Cruz Remains Just a ‘Senator for Texas’

He’s a slick spokesman and god help us if he gets to be anything more than the senator from Texas.

— Howard Dean, quoted by CNN, on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).