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Poetic Justice

What a Joker!

When it comes to illegal immigrants, Trump’s in favor of booting ’em.
And asylum-seekers and migrants, Trump’s in favor of excluding ’em.
But in Panama City
It did seem that he
Jokingly indicated that he is also in favor of shooting ’em.


Trump Administration Suggests a Fee for Asylum Application


“The Trump administration is considering charging immigrants a fee to apply for asylum protection in the United States,” BuzzFeed News reports. “The proposal, included in a not-yet-finalized draft regulation, would charge applicants, if they are already residing in the US, $50 to apply for asylum. Currently, there is no fee to enter an ‘affirmative asylum’ application. The fee would not apply to those who claim a fear of persecution at ports of entry or those who apply for the protections while in deportation proceedings. There would be no waiver of the fee for those who cannot afford to pay the $50.”


Graham to Introduce Bill Ending Birthright Citizenship

“Finally, a president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship. I’ve always supported comprehensive immigration reform – and at the same time – the elimination of birthright citizenship.”

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), saying he will introduce legislation to end birthright citizenship after President Trump suggested he could do so through an executive order, The Hill reports.


Army Has Discharged 500 Immigrant Troops in Past Year


“Over the course of 12 months, the U.S. Army discharged more than 500 immigrant enlistees who were recruited across the globe for their language or medical skills and promised a fast track to citizenship in exchange for their service,” the AP reports. ”The Army began booting out those enlistees last year without explanation.”