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A More Civil Brand of Politics? George H.W. Bush Stoked Racism to Win

And his wife maligned his challenger’s running mate, the first female in that role, with a slur that is only directed at women.

And as far as George H.W. Bush’s presidency: Iran-Contra and Operation Desert Storm and broccoli and lots and lots of other stuff.


Jeb Still Won’t Discuss 2016 Election

“I’m not going to talk about the 2016 election. I’m still in therapy.”

— Jeb Bush, quoted by the Yale Daily News.


Bush: ‘Chaos Organizes the Presidency’

“When I ran for office, I said he is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president. Unfortunately, so far chaos organizes the presidency right now.”

— Jeb Bush, in an interview with CNN.


Ros-Lehtinen Says She’ll Write In Jeb Bush

I think I’ll write in the name Jeb Bush.

— Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), telling the Miami Herald that she isn’t going to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president, but she has no plans to vote for a third party candidate.


Jeb Pronounces Conservatism Dead

Conservatism is temporarily dead. I mean, if you look at it, we have two candidates. Donald Trump is barely a Republican. He’s certainly not a conservative.

— Jeb Bush, in an interview with the Washington Post.


Jeb Bush Predicts Trump Won’t Deliver on Promises

Trump, you know, to his credit was very smart at exploiting these kind of opportunities. He’s a master at understanding how the media works – more than anybody I’ve seen in politics. Kudos to him for, you know, kind of creating the environment and then manipulating the environment to his effect. The tragedy of this though, is that there isn’t going to be a wall built. And Mexico’s not going to pay for it. And there’s not going to be a ban on Muslims. None of that is – this is all like an alternative universe that he created. The reality is, that’s not going to happen. And people are going to be deeply frustrated and the divides will grow in our country.

— Jeb Bush, telling NBC News that voters are going to “feel betrayed” by Donald Trump if he wins the election.

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The Governor Who Set an NRA Record for Pro-Gun Legislation in His First Term is Shocked by FEMA’s Denial of His Emergency Request for Dealing With a Mass Shooting

Scott to FEMA: “But, but, but…”

It had to be hard for Gov. Rick Scott (GOP-TEA) to ask Pres. Obama to declare a disaster in Orlando worthy of federal funding. After all, Scott’s request for all American taxpayers to cover the bill for the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub flies in the face of everything that tea partyers hold dear. As they say, they are Taxed Enough Already.

But he did.

“I urge you to declare an emergency under the Stafford Act so that ‘the full resources of the federal government’ can be made available for the individuals, families and communities impacted by this ‘horrific massacre,’” Scott wrote.

Scott has gotten his response. We can save you some time and tell you the answer was, “No.” But reading the full letter from FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate is just too much fun, so here it is.

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Trump Says Jeb Will Endorse Him

He will get a burst of energy and he will do it.

— Donald Trump, predicting his former rival Jeb Bush is going to be able to shake off that “low energy” problem and endorse him, Politico reports.


Was Right to Rise Just a Scam?

Somebody should be indicted over Right to Rise. I would sue them for fraud.

— GOP donor Doug Deason, quoted by The Hill, about the super PAC that supported Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign.

Poetic Justice

A Revenge Endorsement

Jeb Bush came out of Loserland to endorse Toxic Ted Cruz,
And Li’l Marco Rubio just bristled and pouted at the news.
From down in Florida,
South of the I-4 Corridor,
Jeb explained: “I always knew that Marco Rubio would lose.”