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CA11: ‘Large Scale Voter Fraud’ Alleged by Trailing GOP Candidate, According to Tea Party Patriots’ Email Blast

Rep. McNerney (left) and Harmer
Rep. McNerney (left) and Harmer
Has there been “large scale voter fraud” in a California House race? That claim by the tea bagger candidate in the race appeared about 11 paragraphs down in a Huffington Post story about a hypocritical abuse of power by leaders of the Tea Party Patriots group yesterday.

Votes are still being counted in California’s 11th District, but the incumbent Democrat, Rep. Jerry McNerney, is leading and has declared victory and is back in Washington for the lame-duck session.

His opponent, David Harmer, made the allegation in a conversation with someone highly placed in the TPP leadership, who reported it in an email blast to TPP members:

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