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Jimmy Fallon Says We Can’t Go Back

Jimmy Fallon has been criticized for failing to call out Trump and for having him as a guest during the campaign, helping him prove that Trump hair is actually hair. But now Fallon has taken a stand, and made a statement that turned “was just disgusting” into a trending topic on Twitter.


Obama and Fallon Slow Jam Student Loans

Pres. Obama “Slow Jams” the student loan news. Republicans want to double the rate for government-backed student loans, adding about $1,000 per year to the cost of financing an undergraduate degree.


We’ll Get Back to You on That

@questlove should apologize for Bachman [sic] song as soon as NASCAR fans do for booing the First Lady.

Neal Brennan, comedian, on Twitter, reacting to outrage over The Roots playing the song, “Lying Ass Bitch” on the Jimmy Fallon Show as guest Michele Bachmann walked out. The idea was said to be that of drummer ?uestlove. Fallon himself tweeted, “@questlove is grounded.”