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Bolton’s Loss Doesn’t Matter in the ‘Age of Trump’

“The spectacle of the Trump Presidency often overwhelms our ability to process the stakes of any individual episode. But the firing of John Bolton was not just another Washington farce in what the President himself has now started calling, as he did the other day, on Twitter, ‘the Age of Trump.’ Bolton’s exit serves as a reminder that the intensive national-security decision-making process of previous Presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, has been abandoned by Trump, subverted to the Presidential ego, and will not return for the duration of his tenure.”

Susan Glasser

Poetic Justice

Neocon Crackpot Cashiered

Now he of the white bushy mustache is gone,
Before he could start a war with Korea or Iran.
Apparently Trump finally balked
At suggestions from the Bolton hawk,
But we won’t miss your mustache or neocon notions, John.

Poetic Justice

Bolton Gets Turked

Trump dispatched Bolton to Turkey, all hopeful,
That he could mansplain Trump’s Syrian “withdrawal.”
But Erdogan, alas,
Gave Bolton a pass,
To remind Trump that it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople!


Rand Paul Has Reservations About Bolton, Giuliani

I will tell you something I haven’t told anybody else. I’ve had some conversation with some other Republican senators and I’m not the only one with some misgivings over both Giuliani and Bolton. And I haven’t met a Democrat that’s for either one of them. But I’ve met several Republicans that aren’t.

— Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), in an interview on Hardball, on who might be the next Secretary of State.

Poetic Justice

Hirsute of Lip

John Bolton’s seeking conservatives near and far
To help him be the GOP’s 2016 rising star.
But his big liability
Might require a pogonotomy.
See, we haven’t elected a mustachioed president since Teddy R.