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Poetic Justice

Off, Not Down!

When the car next door’s music’s real loud, it’s no fun.
But for some people it can be too much, like Michael Dunn.
For him, the best volume control
That has ever been sold
Is an easy-to-operate mechanism called a gun.

News & Comment

The List of What Young Black Males Can’t Do Grows Longer

When I saw this sobering warning from Twitter about an image related to the trial of Michael Dunn, the man who fired 10 shots into a vehicle occupied by four black male teenagers, killing one, 17-year-old Jordan Davis, I steeled myself for the worst. I do the same when I suspect I am about to see something that’s going to stay with me, like a tale of horror visited upon an animal.

I braced myself as much as I could, deciding it might be worth the psychic damage, and clicked, “View photo.” Here’s what appeared.

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