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Cuccinelli Never Called McAuliffe to Concede Election

I have not had the opportunity yet to speak to the attorney general.

— Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe (D), quoted by Politico, saying Ken Cuccinelli (R) never called to concede the election while adding, “I stopped being surprised at politics a long time ago.”

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Sen. Rand Paul Caught Plagiarizing from Wikipedia, Reads Entry on ‘Gattaca’ from Teleprompter at Cuccinelli Event

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For the movie Gattaca to come up during a gubernatorial campaign was weird enough, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said on Monday. But weirder still was would-be presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) seemingly reciting portions of his speech on the movie verbatim from Wikipedia and thinking he could pull it off.

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Campaign Rally for Virginia GOP Governor Candidate Kicks off with Anti-Semitic Joke

Transcript of remarks by John Whitbeck, the chairman of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District Republican Committee, in his introduction of Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli:

WHITBECK: You know, I’m a Catholic, and one of the things … and one of the things we celebrated recently was [garbled], and when the pope was elected, the head of the Jewish faith goes to the Vatican and brings a ceremonial piece of paper. It’s very old. It dates back hundreds of years. And he comes in the pope’s office and he ceremonially hands the piece of paper to the pope, the new pope, and the new pope ceremonially rejects it. And then the head of the Jewish faith leaves. [Garbled.] This time around, the Pope says, “I gotta find out what’s on this piece of paper.” So he actually takes it from the head of the Jewish faith, he opens it, he looks at, he closes it, he grimaces. And his Jewish counterpart says, “What what is?” And he says, “Well, that was the bill from the Last Supper.” So, on that note, we’re waiting for Ken Cuccinelli and he’s on his way.

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