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A Map of the Biggest Companies in Each State


In line with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which held that corporations have the right to buy as much free speech as they can afford, it might be time to consider changing the names of the 50 states. Here’s a handy map that will help, posted by Broadview Networks VoIP Blog.

The map shows the largest company in each state, based on revenue, and makes the distinction between size by revenue and size by market value. If market value were the metric, California would be Apple-fornia.

The map also answers a question that’s been popular for years: What’s the matter with Kansas?

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In Which Jon Stewart Discovers That the Koch Brothers Have Taken Out Ads on His Show


The billionaire Koch brothers have been running feel-good, folksy image ads about their company, Koch Industries, the nation’s second largest privately held corporation, on liberal outlets, particularly MSNBC and now on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” on Comedy Central.

Stewart fired back with a parody of the brothers’ ad on his show this week. “Clearly,” Stewart said, “the Koch brothers are trying to say to our audience of not yet dying-off voters: ‘Even though you may have heard certain things about the Koch brothers, how bad could they be? I mean, if they were evil, would a baby agree to appear in one of their advertisements?’”

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Why Did Fox Allow Spokesanchor Megyn Kelly to Attack Dick Cheney on Iraq?

Here’s one for the Kremlin watchers. Why did Fox News Pres. Roger Ailes decide to go after Dick Cheney’s record of deception and ineptitude about the invasion of Iraq? Sources say that daily talking points are largely determined by Ailes and delivered by his minions in morning meetings to Foxbots like Megyn Kelly. During an interview with Cheney yesterday, Kelly put Cheney on defense about his record of lies and failures about Iraq, which she described in unvarnished and shockingly reality-based terms.

Cheney and his daughter Liz — last seen dropping out of the U.S. Senate race in the Cheney fiefdom of Wyoming after polls showed she was 50 points behind the incumbent, ultra right-wing GOP Sen. Mike Enzi — have launched yet another anti-Obama organization. As part of the rollout, in an op-ed in the Wall St. Journal, which, like Fox, is owned by Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney criticized the President, saying, “Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.”

In response to that, on Fox yesterday, Kelly asked him:

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