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Tariffs Blamed for Louisiana Steel Plant Bankruptcy

“Louisiana is among the most dependent states on tariffed metals, which is why we continue to be hopeful for a speedy resolution to the uncertainty of the future of tariffs.”

— Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D) blaming tariffs for the bankruptcy of Bayou Steel in his state, Bloomberg reports.

Poetic Justice

Buh-Bye, Bobby!

With an “It’s not my time,” Bobby Jindal’s outta there,
After his quixotic presidential climb went nowhere.
You’d have to be a psychotic pollyanna
To want for the nation what he did for Louisiana.
Asked who he’d endorse, Jindal said, “I don’t think people care.”


In New Orleans They Know How to Debate

You’re a liar, and you’re a cheater.

— John Bel Edwards (D), quoted by the New Orleans Times Picayune, in a gubernatorial debate with Sen. David Vitter (R).

Poetic Justice

Incompetent, Inchoate, Incoherent

Bobby Jindal’s stint as governor has been less than steady.
While Louisiana’s budget plunges deeper into the red, he
Thinks he can win,
Based on the color of his skin,
With this idiotic campaign slogan: “Tanned, Rested, Ready.”


The Price of Ducks


Amount in tax breaks allowed for every episode of “Duck Dynasty” taped in Louisiana, even as Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) tries to close a $1.6 billion budget hole, the Baton Rouge Advocate reports. “The A&E television reality show takes part in the nation’s most generous entertainment-tax credit program. Jindal is proposing no changes, arguing that reducing such breaks is tantamount to raising taxes.”


Carville Mocks Notion of ‘Tax Virginity’

The Governor and Legislature constantly refer to how can they maintain their purity, or as it is sometimes referred to, their ‘tax virginity.’ You have to be kidding me. This reminds me of two over-sexed teenagers dry humping in a backseat of car parked behind a levee wondering how far they can go while maintaining their purity or virginity. We are literally at the mercy of buffoons and comedians.

— Democratic startegist James Carville, writing in the LSU student paper Daily Reveille.

News & Comment

GOP House Leader Says He Doesn’t Recall Addressing Neo-Confederate Group

Left: Former Republican pol and KKK Grand Wizard David Duke; right:  GOP Rep. Steve Scalise,  House Majority Leader
Former Republican pol and KKK Grand Wizard David Duke (right) called House Majority Whip Scalise (left) “a fine family man and a good person”

When House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., lost his seat in the Republican primary last summer, Rep. Peter Roskam, R- Ill., was next in line to move into the House leadership, joining House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California.

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Jindal Trying to Compete with the Heavyweights

13 pounds

Amount of weight Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal has gained over the past few months, according to a source close to the governor. At 5’9″, Jindal has always looked slight. With the 2016 election on the horizon he seems to be beefing up, National Review reports.