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Poetic Justice

Let It Shine

Trump’s media attacks are characterized by harshness,
And his “enemy” meme is starting to stick to the press.
But the media mainstream
Now has it’s own meme —
WaPo’s new tagline: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”


Cable News Is for Old People


The median age for CNN viewers in 2015; it was 63 for MSNBC and 67 for Fox News, the New York Times reports.


Roger Ailes Makes Crazy Talk

They used to laugh at us in the mainstream media, but we’re becoming the place most people go to get the truth.

— Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, quoted by the New York Times.

Poetic Justice

New Media Low

Media coverage of the Boston bombing was simply the worst.
CNN was just wrong and the Post should be cursed.
In reaching for glory,
They mangled the story,
Forgetting that it’s better to be right than to be first.



The T-U website needs to hold a convention for all of their regular posters, then they need to bar the doors and set the building on fire.

Comment referring to the Jacksonville Times-Union as quoted by Folio Weekly from the blog, Whacksonville.com. The comment, however, could well be applied to regular posters on any mainstream news outlet web site.