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Florida Pols Give Rubio the Edge Against Grayson


Of more than 150 experienced Florida politicos asked to assess Rubio’s re-election prospects in the Florida Insider Poll predicted Rubio would win if the Democratic U.S. Senate nominee is Alan Grayson, according to Tampa Bay Times. “But if Democrats nominate Patrick Murphy, only 55 percent think Rubio will win a second term.”


More Rubio Delegates Become Free Agents


The number of delegates Marco Rubio won before dropping out of the race. Of those, the 17 he took home in Minnesota, the 12 in Oklahoma and the two he picked up in New Hampshire are now free agents, reports National Review. “In Minnesota and Oklahoma, Rubio’s delegates are obligated only to cast a ballot for him if he is formally nominated, while in New Hampshire they’re entirely unbound.”

Poetic Justice

A Revenge Endorsement

Jeb Bush came out of Loserland to endorse Toxic Ted Cruz,
And Li’l Marco Rubio just bristled and pouted at the news.
From down in Florida,
South of the I-4 Corridor,
Jeb explained: “I always knew that Marco Rubio would lose.”


Lots of Arizonans Burned an Early Vote for Rubio


Of Arizona early voters cast ballots for Marco Rubio, according to an MBQF Consulting poll taken last week. Washington Examiner: “As of last Wednesday afternoon, at least a quarter million registered Republicans had already voted in Arizona, taking advantage of the state’s 26-day early voting period. Based on the timeline, this means those 250,000 Arizona Republicans all voted without knowing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) would no longer be a candidate by election day.” By our math, that’s about 40,000 votes Ted Cruz won’t get.


Rubio Says a Two-Cuban Ticket Unlikely

I think that’s kind of ‘House of Cards’ stuff. It looks good on TV, it doesn’t ever work that way.

— Marco Rubio, shooting down “the notion that he and Ted Cruz would band together as a ticket to halt Donald Trump’s procession to the Republican nomination,” Politico reports.


Kasich Now a More Likely Nominee than Rubio


Likelihood, according to PredictWise, that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination, followed by Ted Cruz at 17%, John Kasich at 8% and Marco Rubio at 7%.

Poetic Justice

Primarily Third in Primaries

It’s gotten so we almost feel sorry for Senator Rubio,
Whose path to the presidency has been strewn with sorrow.
He consistently glosses
Over his mounting losses,
But at least they liked li’l Marco in Maine and Puerto Rico.

Poetic Justice

Short on Accomplishments, Too

We all know that presidential primaries can be rough,
And to survive them to become a nominee you have to be tough.
But when looking presidential,
Height’s not inconsequential,
Which leads us to ask, Is Marco Rubio tall enough?


PredictWise Has Trump Running Away with Nomination


Donald Trump’s chances at winning the Republican presidential nomination, followed by Marco Rubio at 26% and Ted Cruz at 1%, according to the PredictWise prediction markets.


Rubio Outspending Opponents in Super Tuesday States

$1.2 million

Amount Marco Rubio’s Super PAC is spending on advertising in eight Super Tuesday states, while Ted Cruz’s campaign is up with $185,000 in five states. Donald Trump hasn’t spent a single cent on ads in Super Tuesday states, NBC News reports.