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Jason Isbell Feels Your Pain

Jason Isbell is arguably one of the best things Alabama gave this country, with his extraordinary catalog of music dating back to his days with the Drive-By Truckers. And don’t even get us started on his live shows. Let’s just say if he’s playing near you, buy a damn ticket.

This new song, from an upcoming album with his old band, The 400 Unit, urges us to take the high road in our thoughts and as we #resist. Whether it was inspired by former First Lady Michelle Obama’s declaration that, “When they go low, we go high,” isn’t stated but we’re thinking yep.


Obama Books to Fetch at Least $60 Million

$60 million

“A blockbuster auction for the global rights to two books by Barack and Michelle Obama has reached more than $60m, according to people with knowledge of the sales process, a record sum for US presidential memoirs,” the Financial Times reports.“The Obamas are writing separate books but selling the rights jointly.”

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What Does Surprise Winner in Bloomberg News Poll Portend for 2020?

The winner of the latest Bloomberg News poll
The winner of the latest Bloomberg News poll

The results of a new Bloomberg News poll in Florida show the winner is…Michelle Obama!

The First Lady’s net favorability score — 57 — was higher than the other ten people in the poll, all of whom are, were, or want to be, elected officials.

Here are the actual numbers, from lowest net favorables to highest:

Patrick Murphy, candidate for the Florida U.S. Senate seat currently held by Marco Rubio — 38
Tim Kaine, Democratic VP nomineeand Virginia senator — 39
Hillary Clinton — 44
Donald Trump — 46
Rick Scott, Florida governor — 47
Bill Clinton, former president — 47
Marco Rubio, Florida senator — 50
Mike Pence, Republican VP nominee and Indiana governor — 51
Barack Obama, president — 51
Joe Biden, vice president — 54

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Michelle Obama Slamps Trump Like No One Else Can

The fact is in this election we have a candidate for president of the United States who over the course of his lifetime and the course of this campaign has said things about women that are so shocking, so demeaning, I simply will not repeat anything here today. … And last week we saw this candidate actually bragging about sexual assaulting women. I can’t believe I’m saying that a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women.

— First lady Michelle Obama, delivering a powerful and emotional rebuke to Donald Trump, saying his vulgar comments on sexual assault “have shaken me to my core,” Politico reports.


Michelle Obama Gets Candidate’s Name Wrong in Speech


Number of times Michelle Obama mispronounced U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley’s (D) name during her speech in Iowa, the Des Moines Register reports. She referred to the Iowa congressman as “Bruce Bailey” seven times before people in the crowd pointed out the mistake. Said Mrs. Obama: “Braley. What did I say? I am losing it. I am getting old. I have been traveling too much.”


Michelle Obama Equates Being First Lady to Prison

There are prison-like elements, but it’s a really nice prison. You can’t complain.

— Michelle Obama, quoted by Newsmax, on being First Lady.


First Lady as Single Mother

Believe me, as a busy single mother — or I shouldn’t say single — as a busy mother, sometimes when you’ve got a husband who is president it can feel a little single. But he’s there.

— First Lady Michelle Obama, mistakenly referring to herself as a “single mother” during an interview with WCAX-TV.


Mrs. Obama Defends Moms, Even Ann Romney

Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected

Tweet on the First Lady’s Twitter feed, signed “-mo” to show it was posted by Michelle Obama herself, in response to Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen’s comment that Mrs. Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life.”


Makes You Go, “Awwww”

Happy President’s Day to my personal favorite, @BarackObama. –mo

A tweet from the first lady’s Twitter account.

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Contract Pulled After Businessman Sends Email Insulting First Lady

BakerPigIn what can only be called a recurring theme, another Republican/teabagger/conservative idiot has failed to recognize that racism against black people is not a universally accepted tenet, and that not everyone welcomes emails depicting the Obamas as pimped-out, watermelon-eating, simian-looking members of a race too lazy to flee from hurricanes. It’s happened in California, Florida, Texas, and now, Tennessee.

This go-round featured the following email from Walt Baker, CEO of the Tennessee Hotel & Lodging Association and Principal of a group called MERCATUS Communications, going out to “[Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau Pres. Butch] Spyridon, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean’s legislative liaison, public relations executives and members of the Nashville media.”

From: Walt Baker < wbaker@mercatuscom.com > To: Albie DelFavero, Bruce Dobie, Butch Spyridon, Joe Hall, Peter Heidenreich, Terry Clements, Toby Compton, Chuck Creasy, Rob Moorefield, Ken Whitehouse, Paul Brown, Bob Davis Date: March 4, 2010 9:18:29 PM CST

Quoting Larry the Cable Guy…I don’t care who you are, this is funny…

I was at the store yesterday, and I ran into Tarzan! I asked him how it was going and if he was into anymore movies.??

He told me that he could no longer make any more movies as he had severe arthritis in both shoulders and could no longer swing from vine to tree.

??I asked how Jane was doing, he told me she was in bad shape, in a nursing home, has Alzheimer’s and no longer recognizes anyone, how sad. I asked about Boy, and he told me that Boy had gone to the big city, got hooked up with bad women, drugs, alcohol, and the only time he heard from him was if he was in trouble or needed something.?

I asked about Cheeta, he beamed and said she was doing good, had married a Lawyer and now lived in the White House!!!

And here are the accompanying graphics.


Turns out he should have cared who you were. Despite his defense of the email as “political humor,” Baker’s company has been dumped by the Convention Center.

The Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau on Saturday dropped its contract with Baker’s marketing firm Mercatus Communications. The firm had received almost $50,000 to market the new convention center and money that came indirectly from Metro to market the annual Music City Bowl.

In his “apology,” Baker, who showed true obliviousness for a man with a porcine countenance in comparing the First Lady’s face to a chimp’s, demonstrated how profoundly he doesn’t get it.

In an e-mail sent to Metro Council members Saturday, Baker suggested the message was intended as a joke but was misinterpreted:

“I did not think or consider its implications, other than that it was political humor. I am saddened that anyone misinterpreted the sentiments behind the e-mail.

“I deeply apologize to anyone who is offended by this action. I hope that those who know me realize that the message was not intended to be malicious or hurtful in any way and can find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

If there was a shred of political humor in this gag, I missed it. The punchline says Michelle Obama is a chimpanzee. The attached photos compare her to a chimpanzee. And the political aspect in that is…? Didn’t think so.

Baker wrote the five-year marketing plan for the State of Tennessee in 1986, under Republican Gov. (now Senator) Lamar Alexander.