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Jared Kushner’s Middle East Policies Sound Like Paternalistic Racism

“The hope is that they over time will become capable of governing.”

— Jared Kushner said in an interview that the Palestinians aren’t yet able to govern themselves and declined to promise them an independent state in the White House’s long-awaited Mideast peace plan, Bloomberg reports.


Iran’s Leader Clarifies Meaning of ‘Death to …’ Slogan

“‘Death to America’ means death to Trump, John Bolton, and Pompeo. It means death to American rulers.”

— Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei, seeking to clarify that the slogan, often chanted by his supporters, was aimed at U.S. leaders, not the American nation, Reuters reported.


Netanyahu is not Richard Nixon

For twenty years, many people in Israel and in the West have expressed the hope that Benjamin Netanyahu would prove to be the Richard Nixon of the State of Israel … the Nixon who yearned to enter the pantheon of statesmen, and who defied his Red-baiting past and initiated diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. … It is amazing to recall how long this fantasy persisted.

— David Remnick, writing in the New Yorker.


Gingrich: There are Limits to U.S. Ability to ‘Export Democracy’

I am a neoconservative. But at some point, even if you are a neoconservative, you need to take deep breath to ask if our strategies in Middle East have succeeded. It may be that our capacity to export democracy is a lot more limited than we thought.

— Newt Gingrich, telling the Washington Times that the United States’ ability to “export democracy” needs to be reevaluated and that “alternative strategies” should be considered.


Palestinians Have Low Expectations of an Accord with Israel


Of Palestinians do not expect a permanent peace accord with Israel will ever be realized, and most have low expectations for the peace talks taking place in the coming weeks between the Palestinians and Israelis.

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False Claims By GOP Propagandists Michele Bachmann, Lucianne Goldberg And Others in the U.S. Incite Anti-American Violence in Egypt

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It’s just politics, a day at the office, for Republican propagandists like Michele Bachmann and Lucianne Goldberg, but the ridiculous lies they are spinning — especially their tale that Pres. Obama is a secret Muslim who directed the U.S. government to rig the election in Egypt — are having serious consequences on the ground:

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Not only is the status quo with respect to Gaza unsustainable but the status quo with respect to the Middle East is unsustainable.”

— President Obama, kind of saying what Helen Thomas said about Israel, only much better.