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Gingrish: Romney Blew His Chance to Be Nominee with Trump Speech

I think if Mitt had really wanted to maneuver for the nomination, he wouldn’t have given the speech he gave last week. Because that speech was so harsh and so intense that it virtually guaranteed that I think both for the Trump people but also for a lot of the Cruz people, that Romney would just plain be unacceptable.

— Newt Gingrich, blasting Mitt Romney’s speech denouncing Donald Trump as “vitriolic and nasty,” Politico reports.


GOP Voters STILL Prefer Romney in 2016


Margin by which Mitt Romney leads the GOP presidential field, followed by Ben Carson at 10%, Jeb Bush at 9%, Chris Christie at 9% and Mike Huckabee at 7%, a new CNN/ORC International poll finds. When Romney is left off the survey, Bush takes the top spot.


Romney Warns Democrats on Post-Midterm Aggression

This idea of poking Republicans with a stick in the eye is not a good idea.

— Mitt Romney, in a CBS News interview, on President Obama challenging Republicans after the midterm elections.


One-Fifth of Republicans Would Vote for Romney for President


Of Republican voters back Mitt Romney for president, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds. “When Romney is excluded from the race, his supporters scatter, adding no clarity to the GOP free-for-all. In that scenario former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul have 12 or 13 percent support from leaned Republicans who are registered to vote. All others have support in the single digits.”


Romney’s 47 Percent Is True — and Bigger!

Can I say that without getting in trouble like Gov. Romney. The 47 percent is true. It’s bigger now.

— Nevada congressional candidate Crescent Hardy (R), quoted by TPM.

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Mitt Romney, 65,000 Seats, 1,200 Chairs, Four Cars and Two Teleprompters


Mitt Romney gave a speech at Ford Field in Michigan today. Apparently, the only venue his advance team could find was an indoor football stadium that reportedly seats 65,000, so they set up a stage on the 20 yard line and brought in seats for the crowd, reported to be 1,200. At the end of the event, Romney extemporized with this riff:

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Poetic Justice

Committee, No Commitment

There’s news from the camp of Mitt Romney.
Seems he might be running for the presidency.
We hear the dashing Mormon
Is finally getting around to formin’
A tentative preliminary exploratory committee.

Poetic Justice

Mitt Is It!

The Republicans want Romney to run.
They think his campaign would be fun.
Besides, the prediction
Is he’d win the election —
It says so in the Book of Mormon!