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Poetic Justice

No Spin for Flynn

He was fired by Obama for insubordination,
He was fired by Trump for Russian assignations.
Now Mike Flynn has the temerity
To request full immunity.
As he himself said, that’s a sign of guilt and desperation.

Poetic Justice

Flynn’s Veep Sin

When you call up the Rooskies to negotiate sanctions,
You can be pretty sure several spooks are a-listenin’.
But when Mike Flynn briefed Mike Pence,
He lied to him, and hence
Lost his job over the euphemism, “incomplete information.”

Poetic Justice

It’s Medium Done

So no Trump admin folks will appear on CNN,
There’ll be no more Sean Spicer or Kellyanne.
They’re replacing Jake Tapper
With a conservative rapper,
And getting all their fake news from Mike Flynn.