Ex Romney Aides Unite to Stop Trump

We are united. It’s a common goal and not just for Romney people, but for anyone invested in Republicanism, conservatism, and anyone who gives a flying [expletive] about what we’re trying to do here. Even if you’re not getting paid, this isn’t good for anybody.

— A former aide to Mitt Romney, now working for another campaign, who said his former colleagues “are curiously aligned once again in common cause, a stem-to-stern effort that has united old comrades even as they nominally play for different teams: stopping Donald Trump,” the Boston Globe reports.

In 2012 Trump Called Romney’s Immigration Plan ‘Mean-Spirited’

He had a crazy policy of self deportation which was maniacal. It sounded as bad as it was, and he lost all of the Latino vote. He lost the Asian vote. He lost everybody who is inspired to come into this country.

— Donald Trump, quoted by Newsmax, calling Mitt Romney’s immigration proposals “mean-spirited” in November 2012.

Presidents Versus Porn Stars — Some Endorsements are More Welcome than Others

It might seem a bit early in the 2016 campaign for endorsements to make a difference, but apparently, since 1980 at least, endorsements from party elites and big donors have been the single best predictor of who a party’s eventual nominee will be, according to the New York Times. The pace of endorsements is a […]

Trump vs. Trump: MTP Chronicles the Donald’s History of Mitt Romney-esque Flip Flops

In the 2012 presidential campaign, Republican nominee Mitt Romney seemed to set a world record for prevaricating and flip-flopping. In the 2016 GOP cycle, Donald Trump has emerged from the pack by portraying himself as a tell-it-like-it-is straight shooter. However, a look at the facts reveals that the Donald is just following a page from […]

Cruz Explains Why Romney Lost

Where he got clobbered was ’47 percent.’ I think Romney is a good man who had a hard campaign, but I cannot think of a statement in all of politics that I disagree with more strongly. — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), quoted by CNN, on why Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election.

Romney’s Departure from Race Doesn’t Help Bush in Swing States


Percentage of Florida Republicans who would vote for Jeb Bush with Mitt Romney out of the race, followed by 10 percent in Ohio and 12 percent in Pennsylvania, a new Quinnipiac poll finds. Other Republican contenders are close, or even ahead in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Romney Won’t Run and Jeb’s Pretty Sanguine About It

Mitt is a patriot and I join many in hoping his days of serving our nation and our party are not over.

— Jeb Bush, on Facebook, after Mitt Romney announced he would not run again for president.

Romney Still Leads Republican Field for 2016


Mitt Romney’s lead among the GOP presidential field, followed by Sen. Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee at 11%, Jeb Bush at 10%, Ben Carson at 9%, Gov. Scott Walker at 8% and Sen. Marco Rubio at 5%, according to a new Fox News poll.

How to Improve Your LDS-dar, In One Easy Lesson
Is Mainstream Media Hiding Mormon Behavior Because of Mitt?

Mitt Romney’s thinking of running for president again. That means it’s time for the mainstream media to sweep the truth about how zingy Mormonism is under the rug. Here’s how you know “legitimate journalists” are talking about Mormons.

Pelosi Hopes Romney Runs

Let me put it this way — I hope he’s their nominee.

— House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, quoted by The Hill, on Mitt Romney considering another presidential bid.